6 Simple Steps to Find
YOUR Dream Job!

Do you want to be happy at work
and to do what your heart truly desires for a living?

Do you want to be excited to wake
up in the morning, to live for today, not a future retirement?

Imagine the feeling…

By applying The My Map to Happiness™ steps to your life, you will begin to define who you are and what needs to be in place to help you discover your dream job.

It’s time to live the life you want to live!


Find out if the My Map to Happiness™ Method is the right option for YOU!

Define You, Define Your Purpose is an amazing experience that takes you inside your self, to discover your true values and goals. The structure of this program is founded on truth, and offers a practical and inspiring way to access clarity on your purpose.

Agamjot Singh, Ottawa, ON, Canada

If you are looking for greater happiness, to make big changes in your life, or to face fears, look no further than this program. Satya uses various tools, as well as her life knowledge as a teacher and counsellor to guide you in the direction of your dreams. I would’ve never taken such a large leap of faith in the right direction if it weren’t for her loving guidance. She has given me real life skills to use to continually DEFINE MY PURPOSE!

Jennifer Hardy-Wiessel, HOWELL, NJ, USA