For many of us, the only careers considered professions growing up were in the fields of medicine, engineering, law, and public service. The belief was that these professions were the ones where jobs would be easy to find, there would be employment stability, a good pension, and a regular income.

Any other job was just another job, not a decent profession.

Today, although these myths still hold true, many more jobs are considered as acceptable and it is those creative professions that are looked down upon.

As a result, your professional development decisions were based in fear and career myths. 

As a teenager, you had a clear idea of the career you wanted to pursue; however, fear, confusion and complete trust in your teachers, counsellors, and legal guardians a.k.a. parents led to your current reality at work.

You fell into the trap.

The career trap. The one that leads you to believe that what you really want to do is not possible. The one that tells you it’s normal to be unhappy at work. That Monday blues and T.G.I.F.s are what life is all about.

The result? You’re now close to career hell.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

It is possible to change your career path and pursue what your heart truly desires.

Your role is to believe and dream that it’s possible to live a life that you love and to follow your passion.

My role is to guide and support you in the process.

Take the first step.
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