Take every chance.
Drop every fear.

In life and the workplace, it’s easy to get carried away by opportunities and to forget our personal goals and ambitions.

It’s often easier to choose the simple, worry-free option than the one that triggers fear and invites us out of our comfort zone.

I was completing a 3 months contract and it was clear during the initial interview that the position was non-renewable, but, things change quickly so I had kept my hopes up.

I set into the workplace, built lasting relationships with my colleagues, and loved my job. Everything was running smoothly, so I started believing that an opportunity would arise.

They would find a way to keep me.

On my last day at work, although my position was not renewed, another opportunity did arise. However, it wasn’t in my field of interest or related to my personal career goals. But the question remained, should I take this job opportunity?

My logical thinking process kicked in telling me it was a great backup plan since I had no plan. In the next 7 hours, I would be unemployed even though, I must admit, I had a small contract that would give me some financial padding for a month. Three months was also not enough work hours for me to benefit from unemployment insurance.

I felt stuck.

I would eventually run out of money and there was a position at my work that was being offered to me.

What do I do?

Do I take this position that has nothing to do with me, my personal passion and path?

Do I suck it up for a couple of months until I find something that I love?

Do I take the risk of not knowing what tomorrow will bring, and accept that I might run out of finances?

My emotions and feelings had made it very clear that I did not want the position. So why was I even contemplating it?

The logical reasoning always makes more sense than the heart. How would I logically explain to anyone that I had turned down a job when I obviously had no other prospects to sustain myself financially. I had bills to pay!

The following question arose:
Was I willing to take that risk? To see what life had to offer?

I felt like a hypocrite.

At that time, I had recently developed and delivered a new workshop titled: What’s Next? Jump start your career search. The goal of this workshop was to support students and alumni in their self-exploration. The content and activities supported them in getting answers that would help them make the right career choices based on their unique dreams, needs, personalities, interests, and values. In the workshop, I discussed taking risks, listening to your gut, and doing what feels right for YOU.

So, why was I so afraid to take the risk? 

Because the fear of the unknown was greater than the desire to pursue my passion.

After some thought, I finally made my decision.
I chose to turn down the opportunity.

Life is unpredictable, control is just an illusion


That first step towards risk was necessary for me to experience what would happen if I dove into the unknown.

What keeps you from taking risks? Let me know by adding a comment or sending me a private message.

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