SURRENDER … to your Journey!

Last week, I got sick. In that week of being sick, I felt various emotions throughout my body. Love, sadness, frustration, excitement, anticipation, anger … I struggled. I was aware of thoughts telling me to stop this emotion; or do not feel this way; get rid of that … and, when I stopped fighting with myself. When I embraced the sickness and all the emotions that were arising for me. When I SURRENDERED … as difficult as it was, on the other side, there was peace. I realized in that moment, how much time and energy I spend resisting my natural flow. I recognized  how we spend so much time fighting with the facts, the reality that we are faced with instead of accepting what is. We continue thinking that we can actually control our path. We believe that we know better than the divine. When I gave in and surrendered, I noticed how often I resist. I resist the amount of food they put on my plate by asking for more. I resist my feelings and emotions trying to stay happy with a smile all the time. I resist doing something that I do not want to do, but has to be done. I resist my inner desire to express myself fully; I’ve resisted not being loved and pursued endlessly loveless relationships; I have resisted my divine life by pursuing what I thought I wanted or needed. I have resisted what was best for me out of fear.

Yesterday, after a long chat with a beautiful soul (Om Tat Sat); I woke up ready to surrender. I decided to basically give in. Give in to my feelings of being in love; give in to my emotions; give in to my responsibilities; give in to “this is my life right now”; give in to being single; give in to being often alone. Just give in and accept. I gave in to the fact that I was late to Yoga and that led to me being motivated to do my own practice – which felt so AMAZINGLY yummy because my body told me exactly where I had to go with each pose; how long to hold and which variations were needed – lots of hip openers. I realized that when we SURRENDER  we are ready to listen to our life’s whispers (Thank you Oprah) … and to be guided in our journey! To surrender … is to find peace and our path.


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