How often do we think of a goal we would love to pursue and we postpone taking action because … well, there’s always tomorrow. We often find ourselves coming up with very reasonable reasons why our dreams can wait: not enough money; next year will be better; the kids are still young; I’m too old; I don’t have enough experience, talent etc.; no one will support my cause etc. You can fill in the blanks with all of the reasons why you haven’t stepped into your purpose yet. We all do it or have done it. We wait for the perfect situation, opportunity, moment, year, age, partner, education to live the life we want to be living. Well today, I will tell you to DO IT NOW! We postpone our dreams because we have an underlying belief that we will live long enough to build the courage to pursue our personal objectives. However, the truth is, as one of the Guru’s from my yoga training lineage used to say (Swami Vishnudevananda) – “What’s today? – A day closer to death!” Shocking?! Not at all, just a fact. The truth is we believe we are immortal, or that we will live a long life and die much later. The truth is, we have absolutely no idea what tomorrow brings. Death, joy, a new opportunity, new friendships, new love, new life … really the possibilities are unlimited.

When I chose to quit my job 2 years ago and to live following my heart, initially, although I knew I wanted to leave Montreal and explore something different, I remember telling myself… next year. Now, looking back, I am glad I did not wait and I DID IT NOW in that moment. When we allow ourselves to get wrapped up in our day to day and attached to our routines; we limit the possibilities to experience something completely different. We limit the possibilities to let the universe flow freely through our lives and bring us exactly what we need for our personal growth and spiritual development. Often, these unplanned circumstances are the ones that will undoubtedly lead to our success. When I started listening to my heart and doing what felt right regardless of the fear; I also started paying attention. I started seeing opportunities, noticing signs, meeting people whose mindset was aligned with mine. I also started becoming aware of my patterns/ habits that were getting in the way of my getting exactly what I wanted or what I needed. We literally get in our own way when it comes to pursuing our dreams and being successful. We also create very elaborate stories in our minds that influence our interactions with the world. For each individual out there, there is a perception of this world. We truly create our own reality. What do you want yours to be?


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