Is it worth the risk to leave your job?

“If tomorrow, you could wake up and do anything you possibly wanted to do, what would it be?”

When my astrologist asked me this question in 2013, I instantly replied that I’d leave Montreal, where I was living at the time.

I didn’t though.

“I can’t afford to leave my job. What would happen?”

“Where would I go?”

“Who takes this kind of uncalculated jump anyway?”

I told my astrologist that I might be ready in January 2015, which was a year and a half away. At the time, she was very serious when she told me, “If you follow your heart, there’s always a safety net.”

Er … sure.

Not an inch of me trusted that the net would really be there. So, when I did decide to leave my job and Montreal in December of 2013, I had all the plan B and Cs ready. You know, just in case things didn’t work out.

What things? I had no idea, I just knew that I needed to have a plan B.


When you know deep down inside that you want to make an important change in your life, it’s difficult to believe that unless you have a plan, things will actually work out for the best.

You might have thought of everything, like eventual mishaps and worst-case scenarios to cover your butt. You definitely don’t want your friends, family, and ex-colleagues pointing their fingers at you and laughing, thinking they knew your botched-up plan wouldn’t work… ‘cause there was no plan.

It’s perfectly normal to feel stuck because you’re afraid to leave. You might rationalize that fear any way you can… but the truth is, there’s no logical explanation or reasoning when you decide to follow your heart.

And no real plan can truly prepare you for the unknown.


Fast forward to December 2016 and I’m saying “no” to a contract renewal.

Crazy? Yeah, I felt crazy.

Happy? Yes, definitely happy with my decision.

But wait.

I didn’t wake up yesterday and leave a position with ease and courage in my back pocket.

Yeah right!

I had years of preparation, literally. Ten years ago, I couldn’t even leave an unfinished university program without having another program waiting with an acceptance letter.

I couldn’t leave a job I disliked without another job lined up.

But…what I learned is that these plans B, C, D and FF just dug me deeper into my despair because I refused to look at the real issue, me.

Why me?

Because I was trying to shove myself into a round peg when I was more of an 8 studded star (just like a sun). I eventually had no other choice but to apply the element of the My Map to Happiness philosophy, be vulnerable.

I had to look at myself in the mirror and say, “Priscilla, it’s your choice. Either you change something soon, or you accept that you will have an unhappy existence.”

I know it’s drastic.

But my life felt drastic, confusing and unclear. So I slowly started paying more attention to the inner guide pushing me to make decisions that didn’t always feel logical or smart. I’d ignored my inner tug for so long and looked back only to regret so many things that, in hindsight, could have been avoided had I only listened to myself…so I made a choice.

I realized that I’d always chosen logic when making important life decisions. And, well…you already know how that one works out. You’re practically kicking yourself later saying, “Oh My God I knew it! I knew this was such a bad idea!”

So I took a chance.

I told myself that really, I had nothing to lose. I could try something different just to see what would happen.

What would happen if I chose the illogical option with a plan B (December 2013)?

What if I chose the illogical option without any backup plan (December 2016)?

Well, you can find out what happened in The Introduction to my 5 part self-discovery workshop, Define YOU Define YOUR Purpose.

But, one thing I will tell you, everything falls into place if you can let go. When you finally jump, the safety net becomes a series of people, situations, and opportunities that you might have missed if you were busy controlling the outcome.

Want to take a chance but can’t overcome your fears? Let me help you.
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Inspiring YOU to live a life you LOVE!

Priscilla a.k.a. Satya

P.S. Your fears will always be there. But…what if you let go and take a leap into the unknown?

“Une opportunité est seulement une opportunité si c’est quelque chose que l’on veut.”

– Osias Felix –


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