*Be advised, the content of this blog can be upsetting to some*

It’s been months, maybe years you’ve been telling yourself, this year is the year I’m going to find another job, this year is the year things will be different … but once again your situation remains the same. There might have been a spark of hope, a moment of joy that made you decide – my job is not that bad, I can make this work, I can tough it up an extra year.

Maybe it was the fear, who knows, but you decided to stay an extra year. Was it the promotion, the raise you would finally receive or the worry of financial instability? In either case, staying became the best option in comparison to an uncertain future. 

Why leave now, you might have thought? Why leave when there’s no guarantee you’ll find something better? Why explore the unknown when your career isn’t that bad and could be worse?

This job you have right now could be the best you’ll ever get! 

So, the worry of uncertainty, the fear of the unknown made you decide to put that long-awaited career change on hold, again.

But at what cost?

What would happen if instead of anticipating a future retirement at 65 you gave yourself permission to live that anticipated life now? You would live in the present moment and let go of an uncertain and imagined future

What would happen if instead of focusing on monetary rewards that leave you feeling empty on Monday mornings, and every weekday, you focused on your well-being? Your mental health would thank you for it.

What if you started listening to your soul, tugging at you to explore something different … to live differently instead of focusing on a high salary? You would learn to reconnect with your inner voice and awaken your soul!

Holding on to a career you dislike for the pension plan and retirement package is like a fish holding on to the worm at the end of a fishing rod expecting to survive after being pulled out of its element for far too long … the fish will need water, and your soul will need to come alive. 

Now. Not 30 years later when you’ll feel depleted by years of self-denial.

Now. Not in an uncertain future.

Now, when you feel your heart tugging at you – now’s the time for change.

Yeah, it’s scary, but it’s also possible.
There’s always an option to discover and make YOUR DREAM CAREER become a reality – endless possibilities that deserve to be explored, to be discovered. 

If you feel a spark of hope that’s nudging at you to explore the possibilities of finding YOUR DREAM CAREER. If you feel now’s the time to start trusting life (even though your fear is palpable) – join me for a live one-on-one session.

During this call, you will start to explore what your heart truly desires and have the opportunity to discover if one of the My Map to Happiness™ Programs is the right option for you.  


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