You might have already noticed that your personal life journey is very different from the mainstream. There was a time when you seemed to flow with societal expectations but in the last 10 years or so, you’ve noticed you’ve drifted away.

I believe I always knew I was different. 

I couldn’t quite grasp why, but my memories bring me back to my teenage years where there was a feeling of being misunderstood, or maybe an even deeper desire to fit in. My choices of clothes, music, and even attending parties were motivated by external factors. I was showing up in the way I was expected to show up, but nothing really made me feel like I belonged.

Fast forward to 2021. 

We often feel an invisible force is pushing us to show up in a certain way. We’re expected to graduate from University, get a good job (i.e., a great salary, benefits and a pension plan); find a partner, buy a house, get married, and have kids. And one day we wake up, and it’s not what our life looks like. 

We start to second guess the choices we’ve made.
Was I wrong?

We reach out to friends and people we trust wondering, should I leave this stable job?
The response is usually one of “NO, of course not!” – you have a great salary, benefits etc. Why would you leave your job?

What do you really want?
When you leave a situation that no longer serves you, no matter how great the perks are, you create space for something new to come into your life. Usually something better. But wait, the secret is to let go and trust because you cannot imagine yet what awaits you on the other side of that difficult decision you’re about to make. 

It requires patience and a willingness to trust.
When you give yourself permission to step into your truth and choose what your heart truly desires without all the noise in your head: what you should or should not do; what’s the right thing to do, or the wrong thing to do. What your parents, friends, boss, random people you don’t know will think of what you do etc.
When you let go of all of that noise, you’re free to be YOU, and embrace whatever it is you really want to do. 

This year is the year for you to CREATE.
What will you CREATE? 

Leave a comment below with your creation goal for 2021!

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