My Story

Do you feel like something’s missing in your life … or maybe it’s your career?

Do you want to feel fulfilled and bring more excitement and create more meaning and passion in your day to day life and work routine?


In 2013, after graduating from my Masters of Arts program in Counselling Psychology and while I was working in the field of career search and identity, that’s exactly how I felt. 

As a second career, I enjoyed what I was doing but the repetitive routine of waking up, going to work, going home, eating and sleeping then “press repeat” was awakening something within me that was pushing me to step out of my comfort zone and to explore something new. 

After resisting the urge to bring change into my life for almost a year, I could no longer ignore the desire to bring more meaning to my life. 

But there was fear, my mind was filled with “what ifs” and every other reason why staying put was better than exploring the unknown … I had a great job and financial stability. I was successful according to societal standards. I had everything I was supposed to have in my early 30’s – so why create havoc?

Because something was missing … and, well, the Universe had a plan and wanted me on board.

After a series of events, I decided to resign from my position at a reputable university. Within 3 months, I had packed my condo and my life to live in an Ashram immersed in the yogic lifestyle and philosophy – an experience that would last for a total of 15 months! 

And, that’s when my life started to shift, for the better.

Priscilla_J-423-186 copy
I’m Priscilla Jabouin, YOUR Career & Personal Development Coach, and I’m here to help you reconnect with who you really are so you can discover your purpose, and figure out how that translates into a “career” so you can pursue the life your heart truly desires. 

In 2015, I developed the 5 part self-discovery process – The My Map to Happiness™ Method by integrating my professional and educational backgrounds in psychology, education, and yogic philosophy – to help clients like you, gain the clarity to discover what your heart truly desires; uncover your limiting beliefs and develop realistic positive thinking; overcome fears and obstacles keeping you from pursuing your dreams; and, to help you develop a personal practice to learn to trust yourself and to listen to your heart (a.k.a your gut).

I know what it feels like to believe the dream “career” is impossible to reach, especially when you’re worried about your finances, you’re comfortable in the status quo and fear is getting in the way of clear thought so you feel absolutely confused. 

What if you never figure out your purpose?!
What if you’re a lost cause?!
What if you never make enough money with your dream to live a full and abundant life?!
No worries, there’s a solution, and I’ve got you covered.
When you have the right tools, attitude, a strong foundation and the right support, anything is possible. Your daydream can become your reality.
You can wake up anticipating your work week
Your career can feel like play and bring value to our society, AND
You can feel fulfilled and find meaning at work.

That’s why I want to help YOU find what makes you want to get up in the morning and give back to society.

By applying The My Map to Happiness™ Method to your life – you will gain the clarity you need to define what your heart truly desires (i.e., your purpose) and I will support you to identify the necessary steps to take to make “the dream” become your reality.


No nonsense, warm, empathic, professional, with a sense of humour as a bonus. Those are the words that, for me, describe Priscilla Jabouin during the time she helped me reimagine my life. Trust her with your hopes, wishes and aspirations. She certainly did not let me down!

Hélène Montpetit, Montreal, QC, Canada

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Priscilla m’a aidé à reconnecter avec mes désirs et à les rendre plus réels. J’ai pris conscience de ce qui me rend le plus heureuse dans ma vie et Priscilla m’a guidé pour que je modifie l’ordre de mes priorités et que je passe à l’action!

Suzanne, Mirabel, QC, Canada

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