I’m Priscilla Jabouin, a Holistic Counsellor & Career Coach who completed her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and who is a member in good standing of the Ordre des Conseillers en Orientation du Québec. My main focus is to help single, creative, professional women who are unhappy at work, wake up to a life and career they genuinely LOVE!

Here’s a short preview of the journey that led me to wake up to a life and career I LOVE!

In 2009, I was in what I would describe as “career hell”. I was a school teacher who would have that pit feeling in my stomach on Sunday evenings and get out of bed on Monday mornings dreading the week ahead. It was rough. I was miserable, sad, confused, and felt stuck because I had no idea what I would do next if I decided to leave that job.  

In 2010, I finally decide to leave my career as a school teacher to follow my first love, Psychology, and returned to school to pursue a Masters of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology – I never looked back! 

In 2012, after completing my graduate degree, I officially started working in the field of career counselling and development. I was feeling OK about life but felt something was missing.

That’s when a shift happened.

In 2014, I took a risk and left my status quo life and career to go live on an Ashram and immersed myself in the yogic philosophy! (Get the full story by clicking on the link: MY STORY)

In 2015, I developed and presented the 5 part self-discovery process, the “My Map to Happiness™ Method.” This process is the foundation of my work with clients to help them live the life they want to live, not the one they think they should be living! 

In 2017, I finally followed my heart and launched my private practice full-time – what an adventure!

In 2019, I pursued my dream to live and work in New York City!

Today, I continue to support clients, mostly women in their 40’s discover what their heart truly desires not only as a career path but also in their life, so they can live a life they LOVE.

As THE DREAM CAREER EXPERT, I’m passionate about helping single, creative, professional women like YOU discover what steps you need to take so you can wake up to a life and career you genuinely LOVE!

It’s time to live the life you WANT to live, not the one you think you SHOULD be living!

I’m currently accepting new clients.

Contact me for a complimentary 30 – 45 minutes chat so we can decide if working together would be a good fit!

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Accredited Holistic Life & Career Coach, Institute for Career Coaching, May 2020

Non-Certified Professional Member, Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association, 2018

Member of the Ordre des conseillers/ conseillères en orientation du Quebec, 2012

Master of Arts, Counselling Psychology, McGill University, June 2012

Master of Arts, Child Study, Concordia University, November 2008

Bachelor in Education,  Primary/ Junior, Queen’s University, June 2004

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Psychology, University of Ottawa, June 2003