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What’s the difference between the PERFECT career and the DREAM career?

Listen to my impromptu thoughts about this topic.

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Oh my goodness, you’ve turned 40 and you take a look at your life and realize it doesn’t look like anything society said it should look like at this age. And not in a good way.

Especially YOUR career.

When I turned 40, it was the worst month ever. It’s like the realization of this huge milestone was creeping up on me, or had crept on me and I wasn’t prepared. 

I wasn’t prepared for the second-guessing, comparison, and expectations that I surprisingly had on myself.

This is what society does to us.
The subtle messages that surround us and say that you should be …



A mother

A homeowner

Fulfilled in your career 

Preparing for early retirement

Whatever it is they said about you being 40, I’m here to tell you they lied.

Every week I speak to 40ish professionals who are completely confused about what’s next in their career. And they all believe they’re alone in this reality. And I always let them know that they aren’t. It’s just that this side of the story is never told.

The side of the story where you, the 40-year-old have done everything right. You got educated, found a good, stable, paying job, and 15+ years later – you’re miserable in your career.

You’re feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, confused, and stressed out.

You think it’s OK even though it doesn’t feel OK.

It’s not OK.

It’s not OK to dim your unique light to fit into the mold of this society as though there’s only ONE way to have a successful career.

It’s not OK to ignore what your heart truly desires because you’re afraid you’ll fail or that your dream is beyond this earth’s reality.

I’m here to tell you it’s OK to be different.

It’s OK to feel like you don’t fit in, cause you probably don’t. The status quo restricts creativity, opinions, and unapologetic self-expression. 

It’s OK to be vulnerable and to let your heart guide you.

It’s OK to want something different for yourself and your career.

I want you to know it’s OK to DREAM BIG.

And if you really want to DREAM BIG but fear has been getting in your way – find out if the upcoming Women’s Career Transition Group is the right option for YOU by booking a DREAM BIG inquiry call.

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You might have already noticed that your personal life journey is very different from the mainstream. There was a time when you seemed to flow with societal expectations but in the last 10 years or so, you’ve noticed you’ve drifted away.

I believe I always knew I was different. 

I couldn’t quite grasp why, but my memories bring me back to my teenage years where there was a feeling of being misunderstood, or maybe an even deeper desire to fit in. My choices of clothes, music, and even attending parties were motivated by external factors. I was showing up in the way I was expected to show up, but nothing really made me feel like I belonged.

Fast forward to 2021. 

We often feel an invisible force is pushing us to show up in a certain way. We’re expected to graduate from University, get a good job (i.e., a great salary, benefits and a pension plan); find a partner, buy a house, get married, and have kids. And one day we wake up, and it’s not what our life looks like. 

We start to second guess the choices we’ve made.
Was I wrong?

We reach out to friends and people we trust wondering, should I leave this stable job?
The response is usually one of “NO, of course not!” – you have a great salary, benefits etc. Why would you leave your job?

What do you really want?
When you leave a situation that no longer serves you, no matter how great the perks are, you create space for something new to come into your life. Usually something better. But wait, the secret is to let go and trust because you cannot imagine yet what awaits you on the other side of that difficult decision you’re about to make. 

It requires patience and a willingness to trust.
When you give yourself permission to step into your truth and choose what your heart truly desires without all the noise in your head: what you should or should not do; what’s the right thing to do, or the wrong thing to do. What your parents, friends, boss, random people you don’t know will think of what you do etc.
When you let go of all of that noise, you’re free to be YOU, and embrace whatever it is you really want to do. 

This year is the year for you to CREATE.
What will you CREATE? 

Leave a comment below with your creation goal for 2021!

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Remember that time when you felt as though you had made a MASSIVE mistake and you couldn’t stop beating yourself up about it?

Mistakes happen. 

I remember in my 20’s I used to hold onto my mistakes and just keep revisiting them over and over in my mind. This made me absolutely miserable, and it also kept me from living in the present.

I was stuck in the past.

When we make mistakes, we often feel as though we did something wrong. In reality, we simply made a choice that didn’t lead to the outcome we had anticipated. And, we interpret the decision as a mistake. 

But what if we shifted our mindset and saw these “mistakes” as life lessons and valuable experiences? These lessons could become opportunities to learn and to make a different decision the next time around. These lessons can also be seen as an invitation to reflect, to ask yourself questions such as: 

What would I do differently next time?

What changes do I want to bring into my life?

As we begin this new year, I invite you to reflect on the year 2020.

Was anything left incomplete?

If so, how could you accomplish these desires in 2021? How can you create something new all while making enough space for an outcome that remains unknown?

This year, I’m going to invite you to get really clear about who you are and what you really want. Because in life, you’re the only one who knows what you really want and what would get you excited to wake up in the morning. To wake up to a life and career you genuinely love. 

If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it’s that the time is now to decide what we want to create in our life so we can love waking up in the morning.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!

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Do you ever feel a nudge within you?

A thought that keeps coming back every other year?

A deep desire nudging you to pursue something a little less than ordinary …

Something outside your day to day routine?

And every time you have that feeling, you ask yourself, is it worth it?

Is this something that I really want?

What if it doesn’t go as anticipated?

What if I make a fool out of myself?

The question always remains, what if you do?

What if the life you’ve been dreaming about living is just around the corner?

What if the life you’ve always dreamed of is just waiting for you to take the first step so it can start to unfold?

What if you could take a sneak peek at someone else’s life who chose to pursue what their heart truly desired? 

What if you could discover what really happens when women just like you decide to pursue a “career” path that speaks to them at a Soul level?

Well, as of today you can!

Every month, I will be introducing you to fearless, passionate, and inspiring women who have stepped outside of their comfort zone to pursue what their heart truly desired.

Hear their stories, get some tips, be inspired by their journeys!

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After the current events in the world, especially in regards to the Black Lives Matter Movement, I’ve decided to take a step back from my blog to explore how I really want to move forward with the My Map to Happiness™ Programs.

Whatever I decide to do, I want to make sure it will support YOU in the best way possible to help you find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in your life and career.


If you want to wake up to a career YOU LOVE,
Choose a career that you LOVE!

It’s often easier said than done so I’m going to share with you the 5 steps that led me, to me finally waking up to a career I LOVE.


I chose to let go of the status quo and identified what was important to me. In the process, I learned to embrace my UNIQUENESS.


I made sure I BELIEVED my dream was attainable. 


I said YES to ME and what my HEART truly desired.


I took action even though I was AFRAID.



I learned to listen to and TRUST MY HEART even when it didn’t make sense!





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This month’s blog is an open letter that has no relevance to work or living a life you love. It’s about the current climate in the US and the violence against Black people. 

I’m taking advantage of my platform to share my opinion.

It has not been edited and simply includes my raw thoughts and emotions.

#itstimetospeakup #georgefloyd


Dear World,

I’ve spent the last 36 years quiet. 

As a Black Canadian woman, I’ve rarely spoken up to defend myself in moments of obvious discrimination and racial injustice. 

We’re often told to be quiet, not to stir up shit.

Not to make people uncomfortable.

So, it becomes easy for White Canadians to say racism doesn’t exist because People of Colour in Canada don’t call it out. We excuse it. We ignore it. I even found myself defending Trudeau for his Blackface pictures!!!

What amount of brainwash has led us to devalue ourselves? Because that level of brainwash is what allows a man to put his knee on someone’s neck.

That silence is what allows two men to think they can shoot an innocent Black man going for a run. 

That level of silence is what allows the media to play violent images in an endless cycle to the point where we are desensitized to the level of hate that must exist for such gruesome behavior to happen and exist.

That level of silence is a societal problem. 

That level of silence is what makes me angry at times because I haven’t taken a stand for myself. I haven’t called people out on their racist or discriminatory actions or comments.

I worry I’ll make people uncomfortable. 

So I stay uncomfortable…

And that’s enough.

As of today, I’ll be speaking up and calling people out on their bullshit. Their White privilege. And that goes both ways. I believe in racial equality and justice and that means the pact I’m making today is to speak up more than I have in the past in any and every situation for everyone from any racial background, religious background, ethnic background, sexual orientation, socioeconomic etc.

Enough is enough.

Inspiring YOU to take a stand in YOUR life for what you believe in





It’s been a little over a month of confinement for most of us, and as we settle into this new way of living, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel can be challenging. 


So, how can we make the best out of what might be starting to feel like an endless situation?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a psychic, specialist or politician: no one can predict with any certainty when or how this is going to end.

So now what? If this present moment is all we know with certainty, how do we bring a little more sanity to our situations?

The reality of this world has shifted.

But it is still possible to make the best out of what we do know.

It is possible to stay grounded and present to what is.
It is possible to use this time to reflect, to dive deep within to identify what’s really important to you. What does your heart truly desire?

You can acknowledge what’s been missing in your life – and do what is required to bring it towards you. Make the change you’ve been wanting to make in your life, now. 

Do it now.

We often wait for something special to happen to tackle our bucket list of things we know deep down inside we would love to do. We wait for the permission to have fun. To be playful. To let loose. To live a grand life!

Could Covid-19 be that extraordinary event that crystallizes what’s important to you? This present moment could actually be the perfect time to tackle that list. 

Bringing into focus all the things you’d love to do is what can help keep you sane while paving the path to find YOUR DREAM CAREER — a career you LOVE waking up to. This list is what will keep you present and aware of the light at the end of the tunnel. This special to-do list needs YOU to choose it. Because the shift you need won’t happen when it’s the right time. It will happen when you make time.

In life, this very moment, this single breath you are taking right now, is the only thing that’s 100% certain. Everything else is a prediction, and predictions are creatures of the imagination.

So what do you want to create for your post-Covid-19 life? 

Whatever that is, choose it now, create it now.

Since none of us can predict how many breaths we have left, I invite you to make each moment in your confinement meaningful. Make each day playful or whatever it is you want to experience.

Because this is YOUR life and you deserve to live the life you truly want to live.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE…even during Covid-19!



Dear Dreamer,

It’s easy to lose track of our dreams and to let fear and anxiety take over when we are faced with so much uncertainty and shoved into a radical change that none of us actually chose or anticipated.

I know this first hand, much like everyone else in North America and on this planet, I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions during the last 3 weeks that could have easily led me to fall into, and get stuck in, a spiral of negativity.

This is why it’s SO important to focus on cultivating a positive mindset during these challenging times. Remember, in life, nothing lasts forever and that includes a virus “running amok” in our world. 

Yes, our societies will probably change, and I anticipate it will be a beautiful transformation where we will adapt to new and better ways of living. A transformation where we learn the importance of living a life with purpose, of caring for our self, our health, our environment, and others. 

Of living in a world where love and peace are a priority.

And, to prepare yourself for this transformation, I want to invite you to take the time to create enough space and silence to hear what your heart truly desires.

NOW is the perfect time to go within, to reflect on who you are and what you really want. To acknowledge those things you thought you would have a lifetime to create and that Covid-19 has now put beyond your reach.

I encourage you to continue to DREAM and to set the foundation for your VISION to become a reality. 

If you’re not sure how to set this strong foundation for your transformation, I am still here and available to support you. We can explore together what might need to change for you to live a full and meaningful life that you genuinely LOVE. Just click on the button “I want to dedicate some time to hear my heart” and choose a time for us to speak.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE … even during Covid-19!





Do you ever feel as though you’ve tried EVERYTHING to find fulfillment and meaning in your career, but nothing seems to work? Maybe you’ve spent years thinking about your career transition, but “something” keeps getting in your way. And now, you’ve become aware of this comfort zone that is slowly creeping up on you, creating a wall between you and your dreams. A wall that’s starting to feel like insurmountable fears and impossible ambitions. 

So you start thinking maybe finding fulfillment, meaning and happiness in one’s career is just a dream. Well, I’m here to let you know that it’s not. I know you feel that ongoing tug that there’s something better out there for you, your own personal dream career. I know how easy it is to allow complacent thoughts to arise, talk us out of pursuing uncertain and unconventional paths. 

There’s …

Maybe next year, I’ll be ready.
That one’s been going on for a couple of years now …

Maybe when I’ll have enough money.
Have you made any plans to save money yet?

What if this is as good as it gets?
Hmm, well it definitely can’t get any better unless you do something different …

What if the dream career is impossible?
And, what if it’s not?! 

When you let these thoughts take over, they become your false best friends. They make sure you stay in your comfort zone. They lull you into the belief that your current work situation will magically change when it’s meant to change, without requiring you to make a choice and take action. They make you believe that if your career was meant to be different then it would be. Things would naturally shift in the right direction to create the perfect situation for you – the perfect situation to find your dream career. These thoughts make you believe you should be able to do it all by yourself. It can feel lonely and quite hopeless.

I used to think that way too. I used to believe that everything that happened to me was completely out of my control. That I was just a puppet in this reality called life. That I could control neither my emotions, my reactions, nor my external situations. And, that I had to live my life the way everyone else seemed to be living theirs. I believed this until the day I read the quote: “Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.”

Sitting back and waiting for something new to happen when you’re doing nothing will only result in recreating the same pattern you’ve created up until now. Have your false best friends like negative self-talk, worry, or self-justification made a permanent home in your mind, keeping you from going after your dream? These negative thoughts think they know what’s best for you, but you are the one who needs to decide what’s best. Then, you can call on positive thoughts to support you. However, we need to train our minds to think positively – and in this case, a sidekick – a Career & Personal Development Coach can help.

So, if you’ve ever thought to yourself “is this it?” I invite you to choose to take action today so you can create the shift and change you’ve been yearning to experience in your life. I invite you to find purpose. 

If you’re not sure how to create this positive shift in your life, you may find the answer in The Clarity Coaching Program. During this program, we’ll spend a whole session (1.5 hours) exploring what might be getting in your way and how you can start taking simple steps to start to genuinely believe in your dream.

Contact me today if you know your mindset could use a tuneup. We’ll discuss how to evict those false best friends getting in the way of you achieving your dreams. It will be an opportunity to learn more about the program and how it can help you discover what your heart truly desires. 

Book a complimentary DREAM BIG – DREAM CAREER session today! Just click on the button below and we’ll have a chat to discuss what next steps you can take to make your dream your reality.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!

(This post was initially shared in March 2019)





Sometimes when we dig deep into the different “what if” situations that pop into our minds around a given situation that elicits fear, we come to realize that our deepest fear is the fear of death. Somewhere we actually started believing that making a ”bad” decision could lead to death!

Something REALLY bad might happen…

When I was completing my Master of Art in Counseling Psychology, I took a course on death and dying. During that course, it dawned on me how afraid I was to die. But the tragedy of this fear wasn’t actually death itself. It was the realization that this fear I was now conscious of had been the underlying motivation in my life and it had been keeping me from living life fully. 

I was SO afraid to die — I had conditioned myself to fear living life!

My life had consisted of staying within the parameters of my comfort zone to ensure my survival.…

By not living a full life, I erroneously felt I was keeping myself safe from an accidental death (before the ripe age of 80+, ideally). However, the irony of this situation is that I was basically anticipating my death on a semi daily basis.

Always afraid …

Well, that death and dying course definitely kicked me in the butt and I started asking myself at the end of each day, “If I were to die tonight, did I live a full life today? Can I die peacefully?” and this became an ongoing habit that helped me live the full life I’m living today.

Morbid? Maybe. But the constant reminder of my imminent death unbeknownst to me, gave me back my life! 

Whenever I sense I am living in fear, playing small, staying within safe parameters, I still stop and ask myself, “If I died tomorrow, what would I do differently?” and that thought gives me the motivation to keep choosing the option my heart truly desires, knowing at least that if death came knocking at my door, I did all I could with the life I had.

Believe it or not, I’m less afraid of dying now that I’ve given myself permission to live!

The new year is always a time to reflect and make BIG life changing decisions.

Like that dream that’s been itching at you for the last 5 years that you’ve kept ignoring. You might have already decided that this year will be the year you pursue the dream. And you might have already forgotten that last year you had already made this same promise to yourself.

So, my question for you today is: What’s SO important to you today, that if you died tomorrow, you would regret not having accomplished this very specific dream? 

Write it down.

Now, don’t let another year go by where you forget how important it is for you to feel alive. How your Soul is yearning to express herself fully! How vital it is to take risks and trust that everything will be OK.

Don’t let your blind spots and habits make the decisions for you this year. Break the cycle by taking the time to explore your fears, to break them down and to receive guidance towards living a life you genuinely love, that gets you excited to wake up in the morning, and leaves you with a deep feeling of inner peace at the end of the day. 

If you feel like 2020 is the year you would like to find the courage to pursue your dreams, contact me or click on the button below to book a DREAM BIG – DREAM CAREER session.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!


This blog is dedicated to the 63 Canadians who weren’t expecting death on January 8th, 2020. I hope they were living a full life and for those who were too young to have fully experienced life – I hope their lives were filled with love.



Every single one of us experiences fear.

Some of us tend to embrace our fear: we take the next step forward even if the heart is beating a thousand miles a minute. Some of us tend to take a step back: we remain in our comfort zone waiting for something to happen that will give us the motivation to act.

Neither option is better than the other. There is a time and place for both boldness and reflection. But if you feel you sometimes get stuck in a place of fear, I’d like you to reflect on the change you really want to bring into your life this year.

2020 is a BIG YEAR!

It’s a new decade filled with possibilities you can create!

How will you make it memorable?
And when I say memorable, I really mean how will you take meaningful actions that will be a result of your conscious intentions?

You are probably amongst a majority that has been dreaming about a big change for years, and fear is often the only obstacle getting in the way. If you took the time to imagine your situation without fear, you would probably have no problem imagining yourself taking the next necessary step. 

So what’s up with fear?

I’ve dealt with fear my whole life, and even though I have now walked alongside hundreds of clients on their personal journeys through fear towards their dreams – trust me, I still have to navigate my own fears every once in a while. 

Fear seems to creep up every time I choose to take a bigger step outside my comfort zone. Every time I’m about to do something I REALLY want to do, I experience uncertainty and concern. 

The mind starts running wild with“what ifs” and all the scenarios of what could go wrong.

Other people’s comments ignite my confusion and make me go berserk!

And, finally, that one dreaded concern – WHAT IF I’M WRONG?! 

But what if our focus was on faith instead of fear? What if the change you want to create in your life only required you to take that ONE action you’re SO afraid to take?

What if that ONE scary action was the key that opened the door to a world of possibilities?

What then?

It might be the difference between another year of dissatisfaction, or an extraordinary year of fun-filled experiences that make you come alive!

Here’s a little secret I want to share with you. In YOUR amazing, beautiful, adventurous life, you can never get it wrong. Every single decision you make will open doors that will teach you different lessons and expand the possibilities of what you can create, moving you ever closer to making YOUR DREAM a reality.

But life requires you to take a courageous step toward fear.

Fear can become a guidepost encouraging you to choose a life worth living. 

A life you deserve that will make you happy and excited to wake up to go to work. 

A life where YOUR dreams can become your lived reality.

If you’re ready for YOUR dreams to become YOUR reality in 2020 – don’t waste another moment, contact me and book a DREAM BIG – DREAM CAREER session to help get you from where you are to where you want to be THIS YEAR … not some year in a distant future. 

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE!