Have you ever found yourself sharing your dream with someone and instead of receiving encouragement, their response was like a punch in the stomach? Perhaps the well-meaning counsel of friends and family ignited your deepest fears and left you paralyzed,  wondering if it was really worth it to pursue the dream.

Perhaps your own inner critic was the loudest voice that made you give up on your desire to pursue something different.

Anyone who has ever succeeded in creating a life they love has had to deal with naysayers and negativity along the way. The good news is it’s never too late to pick up a dream deferred. 

In November 2018, I decided it was time to pursue a long held dream to move to New York City. It was a scary dream that included a lot of people telling me “New York is expensive.” 

My financial fears got triggered. 

Was it really worth it to move to New York City? Couldn’t I simply recreate the New York experience in Montreal instead of jumping through hoops to live in another country? Montreal was also one of my comfort zones since I had already lived there for almost eight years.

But something within me was yearning for New York.
When I could no longer ignore the fact that my heart truly desired a bite of the Big Apple, 
when I finally said YES, a world I could never have imagined opened up to me.

I’ll be sharing more details about this experience in my next monthly newsletter on December 8th. Find out what happened after I made the move to NYC. Was it worth it? Were there any regrets? Was it really too expensive?  

Until then, what quiet dreams are fluttering inside your chest longing to take wing?

Our dreams are as unique as we are. You’re the only one who knows what’s important to you and what you are willing to sacrifice to pursue a life you will love. So many unexpected blessings await just around the corner when you’re willing to find the courage to listen to your heart.

Often, the shift we want to create requires only a simple action — a small step in the right direction so the Universe understands that we are ready to bring greatness and happiness to our life and career. 

So take one action, any action that will bring you closer to what your heart truly desires.  

And remember, people will always have opinions but those opinions are often based on their fears, not their dreams.

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When a longed-for change comes knocking at the door, it’s quite common to find ourselves resisting. Our minds become unsettled with an internal tug-of-war between yes and no. Yes, I want something greater and better than what I currently have (i.e., the dream) versus no, I’m afraid of the unknown, of messing up, of being judged or ridiculed (i.e., letting fear run our lives). I believe for many of us, the real concern is fear of disappointment. What IF the dream was something that was never in reality attainable? 

Stepping out of the comfort zone with that fear mindset then becomes a challenge. 

We wonder … will it be worth it?

I’ve experienced many of these transitions in my life where something MAJOR is about to happen. And, every step that brings me closer to the new possibility makes me recoil with worry that it – the anticipation of a better tomorrow – might slip away if I take a wrong turn, say the wrong thing, or even glance the wrong way! 

Sometimes, it can feel impossible to be genuinely happy.- I’m talking about the real, inner happiness that comes from deep within – to have a life you want to wake up to, where you feel good the majority of the time, and where everything just flows. It can be hard to let go of our hard earned reality.  

But in this game of life and change, you won’t really know what’s on the other side of that risk you’re toying with unless YOU choose to take the risk.

And, whatever you believe is on the other side of that risk … is just a belief, your imagination!

Imagine that, letting your imagination dictate which path you will choose when you reach the fork in the road.  When you’re loaded with fear, the dream evaporates into uncertainty. 

But, WHAT IF …

What if the path you really want to follow leads to a life you love?

What if the change you want to create in your life is literally just around the corner?

By holding onto your comfort zone, you’re potentially missing out on a world of possibilities. 

And, I know how easily we can miss out on opportunities because of fear. Raise your hand if you’ve ever regretted not doing that thing you were afraid to do, but really wanted to do.

I’ve been on both sides of that coin, and the truth is:

Taking the risky, scary, who-knows-what-will-happen path will make you come alive. It will challenge you in ways that will make you appreciate stepping outside of your comfort zone to experience something new, something different, something exciting and inspiring.

So, today, I’m going to invite you to take a small step out of your comfort zone

I’m going to suggest you imagine the WORST CASE SCENARIO. What’s the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen if you chose the path you really want to choose?

Now, I want you to remember that today, YOU have all the tools, skills, knowledge and courage to take the next step, even a small step, with success.

You’re exactly where you need to be and as Gabrielle Bernstein writes in her book Super Attractor, “rejection is protection.”

If you get a no on this journey, just know that this door was not the one meant for you and another is bound to open with more than you can possibly imagine.

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Have you ever found it REALLY difficult to say no to someone? Saying no feels mean, or even worse like you’re rejecting the person you might actually genuinely care about. 

We often also feel that way when we hear “no” as a response … which might be part of the problem and what at times keeps us from honouring the fact that we want to say no.

So, instead of saying this 2 letter word, you find yourself doing any one of the following:

YOU … 

  1. Say yes when really you want to say no
  2. Find ways to beat around the bush and hope they forget their request … 
  3. Avoid the person for as long as necessary 
  4. Basically … never honour your NO

I can totally relate. 

In a society that has taught women to say YES to everything, it becomes really difficult to justify your no when there’s nothing other than that pit feeling in your stomach encouraging you to say no. 

And, that’s another mistake you’re making. You feel as though you have to justify your “no” … but no one ever asks us to justify our yes. It’s just accepted as a positive response. 

So, why do we need to justify our negative response?

Why can’t our NO simply be no, without a reason, without a winding story to back it up?

This short word is so difficult to say out loud but full of YOUR power. Your ability to stand up for yourself and what you believe in shows up in your NO. 

Creating a life YOU love exists in your ability to say NO

Saying yes to YOU and what your heart truly desires also exists in your courage to say NO.

So, the next time someone says no to you – empower them by acknowledging and respecting their decision to choose themself. To know what’s right for them without needing to justify their decision to choose the answer – no. Because the more you can embrace other people’s NO – the easier it will be for you to use it too.

When you learn to say NO, even if you feel guilty (somewhat of a process that takes patience and dedication to your heart’s desires). You’re also learning to say YES. Yes to YOU. Yes, to what feels right at the moment regardless of the reason (often there won’t be one, it will just be a  feeling). YES to your heart’s deepest desires. YES to having a career you LOVE. YES TO YOUR DREAM CAREER.

When you learn to say YES to you and you learn to honor who you really are. When you choose to show up in this world exactly as you are – unapologetically (I love that word!) – a world of opportunities will open up to you.

And when this world of opportunities opens up to you – you will wonder why it took you so long to say YES to YOU. Because you truly deserve it – to live a life you genuinely love and to wake up every day to a career you LOVE.

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Because without action … nothing ever changes.


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Do you ever find it difficult to understand how some people can show up at work Monday mornings with a huge smile on their face, wishing a good morning to everyone they see? It’s bright and early and you haven’t even had your coffee yet … what the f*%k!

This ease to walk into work – super early – on a Monday morning – with a smile on their face – can sometimes be annoying when you feel there’s nothing to smile about. When, in reality, there’s much you can learn from your colleague who has found the secret to waking up to a career they love.

In 2009, when I was in career hell, saying good morning to my colleagues was so difficult. But once I left that job, I realized, life is a series of choices. And, you always have the option to choose what’s best for you. Sometimes the best option is also the most challenging and scariest. But it’s always possible.

So why suffer?

Every day, you have the option to say YES to you. To honour what’s important to you and to choose to wake up with a smile on your face.

The decision is really that simple.

And, this is also when the list of excuses arises… there’s no sugar coating here.
It’s easy to make excuses and justify why you « can’t » pursue your dream career. The dream career being anything close to an ideal career that would make you want to get out of bed in the morning.

Please, write out your list here …
It’s important to acknowledge the stories you’ve created to keep you from living a life you would love and take the next step forward. There’s no one else to blame but yourself … seriously. I wish we could blame society, bad parenting, an awful boss, the economy, or not enough well-paying jobs – but, honestly. Those are all excuses – again, sorry for popping your bubble of illusion.

So, what will you choose: a life you love or your comfort zone? Because trust me, YOU already have access to finding a career you love. You – the creative soul who yearns to wake up in the morning with a purpose. To make a difference in the world. To find more meaning. It’s for you the dreamer who wants to live a vibrant life filled with love and energy.

And, the first step to finding a career you love, is to figure out what’s important to YOU …
Money or your well-being?
Your soul’s desire or the status quo?
Your unique path or what everyone else is doing …

Choose your priorities wisely.
Because your soul’s deepest desire is to wake up to its unique duty.
And this unique duty will tug at you until you listen.
And, I can help you take that first step to make the dream a reality.

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Do you ever find yourself hesitating to take that first step? You might even get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the change you would like to bring into your life?

I totally get it. Even though I’ve spent the last 5+ years now shifting and changing almost every aspect of my life. I still get nervous when I’m about to take a leap. But, I take that first step regardless.

When my niece was about 11 months, I observed how she never wanted to let go of our hands as she walked around the house. You could sense that she didn’t quite trust her legs yet – to do it on her own. Even though we could see her potential, her ability to walk on her own.

We saw it in her stability when she stood, her balancing act with her cute smile and clapping of the hands. Her slow and steady squatting to the ground. Physically she was ready. But something was holding her back. She still hesitated to let go of objects or our hands to take those first independent steps.

Once, as I watched her father encouraging her to take some steps only holding one hand to support her (she always preferred two) it dawned on me …

When deciding to move forward or not with our hopes, dreams, and goals in life. We are rarely as aware of our potential as an outsider looking in.

We prepare our big steps with little steps.
We require endless encouragement and support to take the bigger steps.
We second guess ourselves and often fall back to the initial steps.
All in all, some of us will wait for something magical to happen. Others, won’t move forward until we’re 100% sure we won’t fail. Another bunch will need additional support until we believe we can succeed on our own.

Finally, some of us will take a leap of faith. Knowing that if we fall, if we fail we can always bring ourselves back up. Knowing that if we fail, we can handle it. Knowing that whatever happens, at least we tried. We know what’s on the other side of fear. At least we took those initial steps to move us forward. However, each one of us, like babies learning to walk, requires a unique approach to dive and act to attain our personal goals.

We need to allow our own sense of self to guide us in choosing our method.

We might be able to jump. Trusting the net will appear.
We might need additional support. Depending on our social circle for support. We might wait for every detail to be in place perfectly to move forward.
We might have decided to wait for something else to happen first. Something that will prove that we are ready. Whatever it is, whatever it is we hope to accomplish, create or try, we will do it when we are ready.

However, one thing we must always remember, no one can do it for us.

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Did you ever notice how the things you’re most afraid of doing are actually things you wish you could do? It’s rare that we’re afraid of something we don’t want to do. In life it’s usually clear, we know what we want to do, and what we don’t want to do. And we either do it or not.

But fear is different.

It keeps us from trying new things we might actually enjoy.

In 2015, my employer asked me to drive out of town to work with a new client. Unlike my peers, I didn’t take my driver’s course and test at the age of 16. I never had a strong desire to get behind a car wheel, let alone drive on a highway. So, for many years I avoided driving unless it was absolutely necessary.

Not driving, to avoid my fear of driving became the best case scenario. I often had a recurring dream where I was driving the family van and when I would press on the breaks, you guessed it, the car would just keep driving. Thankfully, I would always wake up before I ended up in a serious accident. The feeling of losing control in a situation where I should have been in control was unbearable. The fear of the situation led to me reasoning: to avoid getting into an accident, avoid driving.

By the time driving became necessary in my life, I realized my fear of driving had gotten in my way. It had kept me from going wherever I wanted to go without a “chaperone”, bus, or cab. I was getting restless depending on others to get me where I wanted to go. I had let the fear of driving control me. It felt more like a restriction in my life. A limitation.

My employer’s request pushed me to face my fear and get behind the wheel, regularly.

If you let fear get in the way of the things you could be doing, you limit your life experiences. And, just a quick fact and reminder, life isn’t endless …

Fear limits you.

It keeps you within the confinement of your comfort zone.

It cripples you and can even suffocate you.

It keeps you from living the life you want to live, i.e., a life where you feel good about yourself, empowered to do the things you want to do and that matter to you. A life where fear isn’t controlling you.

When I started driving on a regular basis, I realized it was an activity I actually enjoyed. The freedom I felt behind the wheel, the freedom to go places, the freedom to get from point A to point B much faster … I felt empowered to live more than I had lived before. I was experiencing the joys of driving and I had also become aware of a part of myself that I might have never discovered. If I had never chosen to face my fear and get behind the wheel, I would have never known that I LOVE driving!

What fear is keeping you from living a life you love?

Do the benefits outway the risks?

Facing your fears will help you increase your overall well-being.

It will help you realize that the worst-case scenario probably won’t happen. Instead, a world of opportunities opens itself up to you.

In my case, when I started driving, my recurring “broken breaks” dream stopped.

Ready to finally deal with that “itch” that keeps coming back, but that fear is keeping you from really dealing with?

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*this blog was first published in October 2017



Life is often a series of cyclical events, day to day routines, patterns you just can’t seem to be able to pull yourself out of … much like seasons. And within this cycle, unfulfilled dreams and wishes keep coming back every couple of years or so. And even though the daily events in our lives arise within these cycles of change … it often seems as though nothing changes.

Nothing BIG ever changes. Some mundane aspects of life might change and other people’s lives around us might change – but for you, nothing changes.

So it makes sense that when you start thinking about bringing change to your career you genuinely wonder if it’s really worth it. You wonder if things can really shift for you. If it’s really possible to find a career you LOVE. Saying those words out loud can even make you want to cringe a little.

I mean you might jinx it and it might never happen!!
Or you might decide to change careers and find something worse…
But, what if you were able to 
find meaning and fulfillment in your career?
Do you worry you wouldn’t be able to handle it?
Handle the feeling that your life has meaning?

When our fears are greater than our vision – we can easily get in our own way. We are able to create an endless list of reasons the idea to explore the possibilities could go wrong, instead of right.

It’s like in the 80’s when you were warned against questioning religion and God’s existence. The old adage to let sleeping dogs lie. But do you really want to live a sleepy, dull life? Is it really best when it comes to YOUR life to leave things as they are and let life, your life take its course?

Nothing changes if nothing changes.
Nothing happens if you’re not taking action.

And the irony of it all is this:

It’s only when you take the time to question, reflect, and explore your life that you find answers and clarity. Not something scary in a closet.

You get clarity.

When you choose to hide in your cloud of comfort – you stay within the parameters of that cloud without new experiences and endless possibilities. I know stepping out from under the cloud can be scary but everyone knows that when you’re holding someone’s hand, the confidence you need to take the next step into the unknown suddenly arises – and every step after the first becomes easier and easier.

Are you feeling ready to take that first step?
Yes? Then, let me be the hand you hold.

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Do you ever wonder what would really happen if you were to make the dream career YOUR priority? But, you worry about quitting your current job, not knowing where the money will come from. Not knowing if the dream career will support your current lifestyle and pay the bills…

What would happen if you dropped everything to pursue happiness and fulfillment at work? Would YOUR PASSION really offer you financial stability?

I get it.
You’re worried, money IS important.
And, I’ve experienced first hand the hustle and bustle of making the dream career a reality, and pay my bills.  

My Dream Career Story
In 2017, when I dove into my purpose and decided to focus 100% on my business – I had absolutely NO plan. Other than making sure I didn’t sink and regret quitting a well-paying job to pursue the unknown.

At the time, I’ll admit, I was freaking out, crying a lot and worrying about the decision I had made. Let’s face it, I was starting my business from scratch and only had a bit of saving in my bank account. I had no money coming in and no clue how to actually start a successful business. All I knew was that I had a 50/50 chance of survival or failure. But, there was also this readiness to finally pursue what my heart had desired for so many years (make that at least 2 solid ones).

So what really happened …
Before I continue, I just want to remind you that life never goes as planned.

I had been working with my business coach for a little under a year when it hit me. The dream career blues.

The dream career blues happen when you’ve been working really hard on setting the foundation for something you truly want and taking all of the right steps to bring you forward but it’s SO slow you can barely feel yourself moving forward. Doubt kicks in and you start wondering if you made a mistake, if the dream career is a hoax. A utopic approach to life that quickly gets shattered.

And, that’s when the truth kicks in. For some odd reason, we as a society believe the dream career equals smooth sailing, easy peasy, daily smiles and peace of mind. I mean that’s what a dream represents …

But there’s a twist.
To believe all of life’s challenges will disappear if you decide to pursue the dream career is the trap. Life IS challenging. There’s no way around that one.

Oh, and before I share the twist, I need you to know two things.

  1. Following YOUR heart is not an easy task;
  2. Doing what you love requires a deep commitment and dedication to YOU.

So here’s the twist – don’t pursue the dream career unless you’re willing to fight for what you love.

Understand that when you love something you commit to the outcome, to your vision no matter what it takes. You will do everything you need to do to succeed. You will make sacrifices for YOUR DREAM CAREER: such as crashing on a friends couch or secluding yourself to a quiet city to focus on your creativity. You’ll probably second guess yourself, get anxious about the future and maybe shed some tears – but YOUR PASSION, your raison-d’être will keep you moving forward. You will recognize that each step even minute is a step forward in the right direction.

You will not give up
If something doesn’t work out the way you wished it had, you’ll tweak it and rework it until it works. You will find like-minded souls who will support your journey and push you forward when you feel yourself falling back.

YOUR DREAM will become a reality.
Your life will become the dream, creating the dream will be your life.

Knowing WHY you do what you do will pave the way and your heart will always steer you in the right direction … when you can learn to trust it.

And yes, the money comes in – if you believe you deserve it.

You don’t have to do this alone.
If you’re ready to bring more fulfillment and happiness to your career but you’re aware that you’re worried about your financial stability …

Let’s talk because there’s a way to set the stage for financial abundance.
Because your heart’s been waiting …


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Have you ever had an itch? And ignoring it didn’t help but scratching somewhere else made it magically disappear? It’s a temporary solution because we all know itches always come back … but at that moment, the plan b solution works, it relieves the itch.

I’d like to share the story of my “biggest” itch with you.

When I was 7 years old, I started playing the piano. It was never an instrument I enjoyed playing and when I mentioned to my parents that I would rather play the violin, I was told to focus on the piano and maybe once I had mastered it, we could consider another instrument.

Needless to say, I never mastered the piano, I quit at 17 and I never learned to love it either.

As a young adult, I kept on thinking about the violin. There was a belief that it would be very expensive to learn this instrument so I kept telling myself – “one day, one day when I’m rich enough, I will splurge and buy myself a violin and pay for lessons.”

That wish seemed so far and unattainable in my current reality.

Fast forward 30 years later and the itch keeps coming back. I reassure myself that one day I’ll make it happen. One day I’ll play the violin.

And then, it happened. The Universe decided I needed a little kick in the butt. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that day when I looked up at the bulletin board at a local coffee shop and my eyes fell on the only ad that mattered. Violin lessons for a very affordable price. So affordable I knew I couldn’t ignore it.

And, I knew I had to do something to stay on track. I had to be accountable to take action so I wouldn’t bail out on my dream … again. So, I said it out loud. I shared my intention to follow violin lessons with others so I would not back out.

The responses varied, excitement, awe; and a small group kept on repeating to me that the violin was the hardest instrument to play…it felt as though they wanted me to give up on this dream because it wouldn’t be easy. As though it wouldn’t be worth it because, in their minds, I would never reach the level of a great Violinist.

But, why did I want to play the violin?
Definitely not to impress others.
It was simply a deep desire that I knew needed to be fulfilled.

Being able to recognize when others’ opinions might get in the way of your dreams is SO important. Because in life, you will always meet people whose fear is greater than yours. They will tell you: you’re too ambitious (i.e., to settle for less); that your vision is too hard to achieve; or they will unearth all of the fears and concerns you already had about your desires.

And, what happens?

Most often than not you give up … unless, you know deep in your heart that this itch needs to be scratched – right away – because it’s going to come back if you don’t.

So, I took the first step, I booked an initial lesson and then rented my first violin. And, when I finally held my bow and played the E string for the first time, something within me felt relieved – FINALLY

Is playing the violin challenging? Yes
Does that mean it’s impossible? No
Do I love playing the violin even though I’m just a beginner? Every single time!

And these simple truths apply to YOUR DREAM CAREER.

When you tap into what your heart truly desires, you’ll figure out how to make it a reality. And if you don’t, let me be the one to support you in your journey to start living a life you love.

Inspiring YOU to Live a Life you LOVE

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Do you ever feel as though you’ve tried EVERYTHING to find fulfillment and meaning in your career, but nothing seems to work? You’ve spent years thinking about your career transition, but “something” keeps getting in your way. And now, you’ve become aware of this comfort zone that is slowly creeping up on you, that’s creating a wall between you and your dreams. A wall that’s starting to feel like unsurmountable fears and impossible ambitions. 

So you start thinking that maybe finding fulfillment, meaning and happiness in one’s career is just a dream … Well, I’m here to let you know that it’s not. I know you feel that ongoing tug that there’s something better out there for you, this undying itch to pursue the dream career. I also know that sometimes you let certain thoughts arise and talk you out of this uncertain and unconventional path. 

There’s …

Maybe next year when I’ll be ready
That one’s been going on for a couple of years now …

Maybe when I’ll have enough money
Have you made any plans to save money yet?

What if this is as good as it gets
Hmm, well it definitely can’t get any better unless you do something different …

What if the dream career is impossible?
And, what if it’s not! 

When you let these thoughts take over, they become your best friend. They make sure you stay in your comfort zone. They make you believe that your current work situation will magically change when it’s meant to change, without requiring you to make a choice and take action. They make you believe that if your career was meant to be different then it would be. Things would naturally shift in the right direction to create the perfect situation for you – the perfect situation to find your dream career.

These thoughts make you believe you should be able to do it all by yourself …

I used to think that way too.

I used to believe that everything that happened to me was completely out of my control. That I was just a puppet in this reality called life. I couldn’t control my emotions, my reactions nor my external situations. And, I had to live my life the way everyone was living theirs. I believed this until the day I read the quote: “everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.”

Sitting back and waiting for something new to happen when you’re doing nothing … will only result in recreating the same pattern you’ve created up until now. And, if you’ve ever let concerns, worries, or justifications keep you from going after your dream – then they might as well become your best friend. These negative thoughts think they know what’s best for you … but you are the one who needs to decide what’s best for you first. Then, positive thoughts can support you. However, you need to train your mind to think positively – and in this case, a sidekick – a Career & Personal Development Coach can help.

So, if you’ve ever thought to yourself “is this it?” I’m going to invite you to find your purpose. In making this decision, I’m going to encourage you to choose to take action so you can create the shift and change you’ve been yearning to experience in life.

I can even offer you the perfect opportunity to take action so you can start a ripple effect that will help you get clear about your dream career.

Give me a shout and let’s see where you are and where you want to be by the end of 2019.

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Have you decided that 2019 will be YOUR BEST YEAR?
The year all of your goals and long-standing dreams will come to reality?

We often have goals that are hard to realize. We genuinely want to create change such as transitioning into a new career, but something seems to be blocking us. So, year after year, we write it up as another new year’s resolution.

But this year, I want to help you make it a year worth talking about from beginning to end. I want you to find the confidence and motivation to take the necessary steps to reach your dream career no matter what!

I know you don’t want to spend another full year in a career that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.

You deserve to wake up to a career YOU LOVE!

We won’t let December creep up on you again, but I’d like you to make a promise to yourself just to make sure this year will be different. No more falling into your usual routine where you let comfort get the better of you and fear overcome your mind. This year, I want to help you discover YOUR DREAM CAREER by helping you take action.

So this is what I suggest.

Choose a date this month when no matter what, you will take the first step towards change. Choose an action and make it simple so you can succeed, such as writing up your official resignation letter and include your last day at work. Whatever you choose, start small so it’s big enough to take you out of your comfort zone but not so huge it makes you feel like you’ll fall into the abyss.

When you accomplish it, be proud. That simple action will be meaningful. It will create the ripple effect you need to create real and lasting positive changes in your career, and in every other dimension in your life.

Now tell me.

Are you ready to create positive changes in your career and life in 2019?
Do you want to wake up excited to go to work?
To feel fulfilled and happy in a career that has meaning?

Do you want to look back at 2019 and feel proud of your accomplishments and feel it’s a year worth talking about?

If you said yes, then make the decision to commit to finding a career YOU LOVE in 2019. Decide this is the most important decision you will make this year because each year, each moment in your life is an opportunity to create change. You can leave it till tomorrow, the right opportunity, financial situation, or that special milestone. But, if you keep waiting for something to happen on the outside to make the decision you feel on the inside, you could be waiting for a very long time…

So this year, don’t let 2019 be a repeat of 2018. Book a complimentary first step to “DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE” session and let me give you some tips to get you started.

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