Career Services

The My Map to Happiness Career Services focuses on offering you the tools and support you need to conduct a successful job search.

  • Understand and overcome your career obstacles
  • Learn how to express your potential on resumes and during interviews
  • Discover your best networking strategy
  • Get the job you actually deserve

Package Options

Job Search Coaching

  • Professional Job Search Coaching & Support
  • Individually tailored coaching sessions (min. 10 sessions)
  • MMtH Job Search Workbook
  • 30, 60 or 90-day Action Plan
  • 3 to 6 months timelines

Additional Services (only available with the Job Search Coaching or DYDYP Program)

  • Interview Coaching (min. 2 coaching sessions)
  • Resume Writing Coaching (min. 2 coaching sessions)
  • Resume and Cover Letter Reviews (includes 1 coaching session)
  • Cover Letter & LinkedIn Summary Support

For detailed information on any of the services, contact me or book your complimentary session.
Les services sont aussi offerts en français.