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90% of you aren’t doing this

Why don’t you follow your heart? There was a turning point in my life when I subconsciously understood that I would not be accepted nor loved if I expressed myself fully. I was 16 when I shut down. I started behaving in ways that were expected of me because I feared rejection if I didn’t. Ten years later, I was a ball of stress … Read More 90% of you aren’t doing this


Define YOU, Define YOUR Purpose

Stepping into YOUR Purpose   Three years ago, I opened my journal from the previous year on the exact same date. I realized that my concerns, complaints, worries and desires had remained exactly the same. I was shocked. I knew in that moment I had to change something, or my life would continue repeating itself over and over again. Alas, it did! This year, … Read More Define YOU, Define YOUR Purpose


First Steps …

This past week, I watched my niece take her first random steps. Random because she didn’t notice she was walking the short distance from the coffee table to her grandmother until we chimed in – BRAVO! Heck, I barely noticed because as a family we can see and sense that she is ready to walk on her own. Her stability when she stands, her … Read More First Steps …


Surrender … Surrender & Trust … !

By trusting, you learn to trust. – Julia Cameron I’ve noticed how the moments when I get most frustrated with life, are those moments when things are not going exactly as I wish they would. It’s not even a wish, it’s really a command. I feel tightness in my solar plexus (I’ll let you google that one to figure out what that means), and … Read More Surrender … Surrender & Trust … !

When is Enough, Good Enough?

I really struggled to find a topic for this month’s blog. I would start writing, delete, change sentences and start over with a different topic all together. I told myself it would be okay to post the blog after my usual deadline. I continued to search for recent or current situations that would inspire me to write, without any luck. As I was making … Read More When is Enough, Good Enough?


How do you define yourself?

Thirty-five was a big year for me. It’s the year I panicked. It dawned on me. I was a year older, but felt I had nothing to show for it a.k.a. no marriage, no kids, no car and no house … oh and let’s not forget, no permanent job. I can’t recall how I managed to calm myself down and to recognize that all … Read More How do you define yourself?


A Change is Coming …

During my last month at the Ashram, I watched as 10 of the senior staff took their vows for their next level of renunciation. Nine of them became Bramacharis (official celibates) and one a Sannyasin (an official renunciate of the world/ society, a Swami). Their sudden participation in this spiritual ceremony really made me ponder change. I realized how for us, every day worldly … Read More A Change is Coming …


Naked … Truth

As I wondered how the topic for this month’s blog would come up, I found myself troubled by the consequences of not listening to my gut. I became semi-obsessed with a storyline I was quickly creating in my mind about all the shame and “ravage” a stupid decision would (make that might) create in my life. See – complete humiliation one day when I’m … Read More Naked … Truth


The Hidden Curriculum…

When I was a teacher, I read about the “Hidden Curriculum” which is basically everything children learn in their immediate environment, more specifically in the school setting. In the case in which I was reading about it, it had to do with racial issues and how in many schools the lack of visible minorities in the teaching staff and the higher majority in the … Read More The Hidden Curriculum…


D.I.N. … Do it Now!

How often do we think of a goal we would love to pursue and we postpone taking action because … well, there’s always tomorrow. We often find ourselves coming up with very reasonable reasons why our dreams can wait: not enough money; next year will be better; the kids are still young; I’m too old; I don’t have enough experience, talent etc.; no one … Read More D.I.N. … Do it Now!

SURRENDER … to your Journey!

Last week, I got sick. In that week of being sick, I felt various emotions throughout my body. Love, sadness, frustration, excitement, anticipation, anger … I struggled. I was aware of thoughts telling me to stop this emotion; or do not feel this way; get rid of that … and, when I stopped fighting with myself. When I embraced the sickness and all the … Read More SURRENDER … to your Journey!

Stumbling … over fear

Stumbling over fear … what could that possibly mean?! Exactly what I have been experiencing for the last 3ish days. In June, I offered my “baby” Define YOU Define YOUR Purpose for the first time. I was fearless, confident that the universe had set me in this path for a reason and events were falling into place perfectly. I prepared myself with my favourite … Read More Stumbling … over fear