Where do I start?
What questions should I be asking myself?
What books should I read?
What’s the direction and next step I should take?!
And, what about making money??

Here are my answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to discover YOUR PURPOSE


“Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman – 

Q: I have so many interests, how will I know I’m choosing the “right” career path?

When you feel confused about choosing “one” career path amongst many others, it’s often because you’re not allowing yourself to consider the path you truly want to pursue.
So be honest with yourself.
But, before letting your answer create more confusion in your mind, keep it simple. There’s no “right” career path. There’s what feels right and makes sense for YOU today, not in an imagined future.
In the My Map to Happiness™ program, your first assignment will be an ongoing activity that will help you see what’s really important to you. It will help you tap into what you really want (heart-centered option) vs. what you “think” you should want (logical option).
With a series of ongoing and follow-up assignments, you will also learn to trust that inner whisper so you can choose what’s “right” for you, right now.

Q: How do I know if I’m ready to pursue my purpose?

I love Wayne Dyer’s quote – “Thoughts about your purpose are really your purpose trying to reconnect with you” – If you find yourself wondering what you want to accomplish in your life or what’s your purpose for existing. I would say it means you’re feeling a tug from within to discover your personal path and purpose; and, you’re ready to discover what your heart truly desires. So why not take that first step to discover what it is?

Q: I feel as though I’m a lost cause, not sure I should invest in something that might not lead to any results a.k.a. no solution to my confusion

It’s normal to feel like a lost cause when you’ve been trying to figure things out on your own and you still haven’t achieved everything society says you “should” have achieved by now. That’s why getting a sidekick (a “real deal” coach like myself) is one of the best decisions you can make when you feel lost and confused.
I’m here to help you see your blind spots – those areas of your life or aspects of yourself you can’t see but that are probably keeping you from moving forward; and, as the outsider looking in, I will help you see the endless solutions and possibilities so you can feel hope instead of despair. One step at a time.
If you’re ready to take charge of your life and to take that first step to create some serious change in your life, then look no further. Book your complimentary session today.

Q: I have no idea what I want!!

I have felt that moment of complete and utter confusion when you can’t think straight and just the thought of thinking about the confusion brings on anxiety and a mix mash of nothingness.
So, I get it. Not knowing what you want makes you really nervous you’ll never figure out what you want.
Pause … breathe … now “listen”. There’s always a solution. I know you can’t see it right now, but if you allow me to guide you through The My Map to Happiness™ Method, and you trust the process, I promise (yes, I said it), I promise you will start to discover what you want. Because deep down inside I know you know what you want, we just need to get rid of the accumulation of “weeds”  (a.k.a. life nonsense) that are keeping you from reconnecting with what your heart truly desires.

Q: Maybe I’m just being difficult and even dreaming about the dream is ridiculous … sometimes following the crowd is best …??

(Insert your name here), do you really want to blend in the crowd and live your life according to someone else’s reality and ambitions?
If you’re thinking about the dream … then the dream can become a reality. Think about airplanes, the television, cell phones, laptops?! They were ideas before they ever became a reality. Oh, your dream can’t become a reality … why not?
Oprah, Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Frida Khalo, Beyoncé, Paulo Coelho, Picasso and any other artist, writer, creative or just top notch person in this world started from scratch to get where they are today. And, I can promise you, they did not go about it alone. So why should you?

Q: My friends are all professionals and I think I’m leaning towards a creative route. I’m worried I’ll become a starving Artist even though I know deep in my heart that’s what I want to do …Is it worth pursuing a purpose that won’t bring in the dough?

I believe there’s always a solution to create an abundant life and reality for yourself.
In The My Map to Happiness™ program, you will:

  • Take the time to explore what’s really important to you
  • Learn how to develop positive beliefs around your ability to make a living doing what you love – and genuinely believe it.
  • Build your self-confidence so you can embrace what you really want to do and let go of the worry and negative beliefs around your dream
  • Understand how to trust the process and cultivate faith so you can become successful doing what you love.
If you feel ready to make the “dream” become your reality, but there’s also fear, read the next Q&A.

Q: I’m aware that I’m experiencing a lot of fear and I’m not sure I will be able to surpass it enough to fully benefit from this program.

“Let your fear be your compass”

I know it might seem crazy, but when you feel fear, it’s actually your wiser self, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone. Your responsibility is not to surpass your fear, your responsibility is to act regardless.
If you take the time to explore your fear, you’ll probably notice that it’s really just your imagination playing tricks on you. So, I’ll suggest you replace your fear with faith and trust that you know what’s best for you.
Investing in yourself and your personal growth is never a silly or irresponsible choice, it’s a wise one. And, I trust that you will make sure you act wisely once you’ve made this important decision. But, since I also know that fear and resistance are a reality; I’ll be there to hold your hand and support you when things get really scary. One step at a time.   

“This program actually works!
Even if you don’t have any expectations, be ready to be amazed!”
– Laura Modena, San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA


“The purpose of life is to know yourself and love yourself and trust yourself”