I believe…

It’s possible to be happy at work. 

Not only is it possible to be happy at work,

you CAN do what you truly desire and love for a living. 


I know, most people in society, let’s be real, the majority feel it’s close to impossible. 

How is the artist supposed to live off selling their paintings, or the writer their first book …

we’re taught at a very young age that only specific careers will bring in the money and feed us. 

But … 

Is that really what life’s all about? 

Getting a job to pay bills?!?

So the daydream remains. 

I want to live in a society where people are fully engaged in what they do and each individual feels purposeful because they are sharing their true Self and their talents with others.

I want to interact with the cashier who wanted to come to work in the morning and the dentist who’s passionate about teeth.

I want to break the status quo where people consider it normal to drag themselves to work in the morning anticipating Friday evening and a weekend that’s never long enough.

I call this the drone mentality where we repeat the cycle with no passion and no thought.

We detach ourselves from our current reality, the one we dislike, and we anticipate a future that doesn’t exist, a retirement that will bring us freedom and the life we really want to live instead of waking up now to live a life we enjoy and LOVE.

We let life pass us by as though we were anticipating our own death by denying ourselves the right to live life fully now! As though living a joyful life were only possible once we’ve given 40 years or more of our time and dedication to the system …

All of this because of “shoulds”, myths and fears

That’s not life!

Being unconventional and unique needs to become the norm!

Let’s live in a society where people are excited to wake up in the morning and are living for today,

not a future retirement. 

Imagine what that would look like and feel like … 

Everyone we interact with would embrace their uniqueness, diversity, and being different would be an asset, not something we need to fix, adapt to, or tolerate. 

Students and adults would be less confused about their career path.

It would be simple – just do what you want to do, we’ll figure it out and find a solution,

society will adapt. 

Our talents will shine and stand out.

And, our dreams will be encouraged.

Because waking up every morning ready to live a life we love, to ignite our Soul, and feel happy inside should be normal and will mean mental and physical health and well-being. 

Following the heart and doing exactly what it is we truly want to do, would mean we would live in a happier, more peaceful, and creative society.

No more Monday mornings dragging our feet to work.

Just a bunch of adults, connected to their inner child, dancing in a flow called life and playing in the world instead of working. But the world wouldn’t miss a beat, everything would be taken care of, by people who care and who are passionate about their role in our society. 

The norm would be for each individual to listen to their heart and their body’s subtle messages opening us up to a whole new world of possibilities. 

A map to happiness,
a unique path for each and every one 
of us to live the life we want to live and not the one we think we should be living.

Unconventional will become our bold and confident way to share our unique talents with the world and together each and everyone one of us will create what we once thought was impossible.  

Priscilla Jabouin, M.A.