They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I really do believe this, especially now. While I have enjoyed some success in my life and career, I have always struggled with finding purpose and contentment. I have been a wanderer, living a rather unfocused and often ungrateful life dwelling on the things that were wrong and drowning in the self-defeat of being a victim. In 2017, I decided I had had enough and set off in search of myself, looking high and low but always grasping at an ephemeral vision that never lingered long enough for me to truly see it. Along the way, I received an email from Concordia promoting a webinar with Priscilla that was dealing with exactly the sort of journey I had embarked upon. In the past, I had been rather skeptical and even dismissive of “self-help” style programs; these “gurus” were just hucksters out to make a quick buck on the misery of others. This time though, I thought I would give it a chance so I signed up and listened to the presentation. Priscilla was most assuredly NOT another huckster. She spoke with assurance and conviction and her words resonated deeply. I reached out to her afterwards to speak one on one and I immediately knew she could help me. I, the student, was ready. 

In the weeks and months that followed, Priscilla challenged me to have a careful look at myself and to really pay attention to what was going on within. She taught me the value of positive thinking (which is NOT the cliché I thought it was but rather a very subtle and very powerful technique that takes continuous practice). She challenged me directly and called me out on self-defeating thought-patterns. She taught me to visualize what my life could be and to actually believe in the vision. While she often referred to revered works in the canon of self-improvement, she always made sure to present this wisdom holistically and always attached to action. 

In the weeks since the end of THE CLARITY COACHING PROGRAM, I have continued to make great strides in advancing my life and LIVING it. I have more work to do but I now have a great toolkit to do it with. And I know that if I need a tune-up, Priscilla is only an email away. If you are searching for yourself and you are ready to put in the effort and truly invest yourself in becoming the best possible you, I unreservedly recommend working with Priscilla. She will help you channel the power that has always resided within. If you are ready, she is a great teacher.

A. Diodati, Montreal, QC, Canada

 reminded me of everything I love about my process in life, work, and in defining what I love to do and how I do it best. Her practical exercises and sessions established important realizations for me of the importance of doing exactly what I love, and attempting to do them everyday. Pursuing this program also gave me confirmation that my intuition and other modes of operation I am using are exactly the tools I ought to be turning to. Within the group program format, I was able to break down major barriers and fears in one area of my career that I now know how to navigate much better. 

Emilie, ON, Canada

really helped me to clarify my career goals and desires and helped me to move away from drudgery and toward a more sustainable and satisfying hustle.

I also appreciated her holistic approach, i.e., the way in which she encouraged me to factor material, physical, emotional, and spiritual considerations into my career decisions.

When I look around and note that within the space of six months, I have left a job of three years that utterly drained me, enrolled in film school, and lined up some side income, I realize that there have been profoundly positive shifts in my life. 

If you are serious about making bold changes in your life and want a catalyzing force on your side, I recommend that you work with Priscilla.

V.B., Montreal, QC, Canada

Before I started working with Priscilla I was looking for something that would help me figure out and move forward with the next phase of my professional life. When exploring my new career options during THE CLARITY COACHING PROGRAM sessions, Priscilla was invaluable. The sessions were not only a pleasurable experience but also provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify what I truly wanted and the changes I needed to make.

Her workbooks allowed me to dig deep and unravel truths that I yearn to explore even more.

The advice and experiences that Priscilla shared with me have given me all the confidence that I need in searching for and applying for new job opportunities. I am now knocking on my ”next step” door, and as I continue on in my journey and transition into my new career, Priscilla will always remain a constant support – She is the gateway to self-discovery … the real deal!”

Marsha C., Montreal, QC, Canada


Don’t hesitate and book your session to speak with Priscilla! 

I reached out to her when I felt stuck and frustrated in my career, at a crossroad of my life but didn’t know what to do next. After speaking to her, I knew right away that I’d like to work with her. She was funny and inquisitive. I don’t usually open up easily but trusted her that she could help me. I didn’t know how exactly but my gut feeling told me to push through. I took the leap of faith and did THE MY MAP TO HAPPINESS PROGRAM. It exceeded my expectations. 

My ah-ha moment was when I understood that we all have an internal GPS and the importance of listening to your inner voice, your authentic self. It will lead you to where you are meant to be. She coached me through my hurdles, how to tackle my oh-so-many worries, brought me tranquility of mind that “NO” means “next opportunity” and so many more wisdom nuggets to live my best life. 

I am so grateful and thankful to Priscilla. I now see more clearly the many possibilities in my career and life, and am so excited to be on my happiness journey with a clear next step to include a 1 month sabbatical every 2 years in my career so I can travel – a dream I have had for a while now and have not pursued until now.

Hélène, Montreal, QC, Canada

I was in a sales position for about a year that was not 100% fulfilling. I was not sure if I did not want to do sales anymore or just did not like sales where I was working. The company culture was also stressful and far from the type of place that I was used to working in. The thought of going to work was draining and I felt like I needed a change BUT I was also aware of not wanting to just “change” for the sake of it. I wanted to make sure that when I changed jobs, it would be for something that I was excited about in the long term and that it was in an environment that was aligned with my values. 

I had already had several career changes in the past so I had a lot of apprehension on changing once again and finding myself in the wrong position or working in a company that was not the right fit. 

I started with THE MY MAP TO HAPPINESS PROGRAM which allowed me to “dig deep” into myself: the approach gives you the tools to ask yourself the right questions, get some perspective on your current situation and understand where you want to go next. 

It did take me a few months of self-reflection  and putting the tools to use to actually understand what changes I wanted. And then I was ready to “do the work” and implement those changes. 

When I felt like I was ready for the change, I started THE DREAM CAREER JOB SEARCH PROGRAM which was the perfect amount of coaching needed to understand the tools that I needed to actively get on the right track. 

I have a much better grasp on what steps I need to take to find a career that I love.

I also am very clear on my professional strengths, skills and environments in which I will thrive. 

The work I did with Priscilla was necessary for me to start seeing what I truly want to do versus “what I should be doing”.

And although it does require actively putting in the time to find that position, the fact that I know I am looking for the right opportunity, makes it feel very easy. I find myself wanting to spend more and more time in the search (which was very different in the past when I did a job search). 

So THANK YOU Priscilla for sharing these programs with me! 

Sandrine, New York, NY, USA

Before working with Priscilla I had no idea where I was heading or what I was going to do after having retired a long practice and business I had. I wasn’t sure I could be guided in this way. I tried a couple of odd jobs but they did not suit me. So one day I met Priscilla and decided to give it a shot and embark on THE MY MAP TO HAPPINESS PROGRAM.

During the program, I learned to really take stock of what I want to do (even if it was in fits and starts!😊). Through various in-depth reflections and activities, she taught me the importance of keeping a positive mindset and the importance of taking care of myself. She reminded me time and again what I already knew inside and to keep going however seemingly insignificant. Sometimes, it’s the small things that aren’t so small. I finally had my breakthrough and discovered my dream career. My greatest insight that she brought out in me was to keep developing the creative side of me and let that unfold organically while taking even the littlest step towards my dream. As flowery as that might seem I now truly know what that means thanks to her. »

Karen, Ottawa region, ON, Canada 

When I began this journey some nine months ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wondered if it was a good investment of my time and energy. Looking back now, I can honestly say that it was! In our sessions during THE MY MAP TO HAPPINESS PROGRAM there were times when Priscilla posed some difficult questions; there were moments where she jolted me from my comfort zone and she often challenged me to examine my thought process. And that’s what a good coach does – she challenges us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be!

I was already familiar with quite a number of topics that we covered in our coaching sessions. While I knew many of the concepts, I had not fully grasped them or made them part of my daily armoury. With Priscilla’s guidance, I was gently guided to change my mindset and transform some of these concepts into habits. Through this journey, I’ve been able to make positive thoughts my go-to thought process; to rethink my current work situation to allow it to be part of my dream career scenario (opting for a flexible schedule which allows me to grow my side business while growing and developing in my current role) and I’ve become more aware of and okay with my fears, so that I can overcome them and lay them to one side.

My work with Priscilla has been very fruitful. I would highly recommend Priscilla as a coach, mentor, and guide.”

Dermot, Gatineau, QC, Canada

Priscilla m’a aidé à reconnecter avec mes désirs et à les rendre plus réels. J’ai pris conscience de ce qui me rend le plus heureuse dans ma vie et Priscilla m’a guidé pour que je modifie l’ordre de mes priorités et que je passe à l’action!

Suzanne, Mirabel, QC, Canada

Before working with Priscilla, I was following the status quo path and was still working for the same employer that had hired me when I graduated from University. I felt jealous when I heard of others living out the life I wanted to live but my fears and financial concerns were keeping me from taking a step forward to live out my dreams, until I was fired from my job. That’s when everything changed.

Priscilla’s ongoing support and honest guidance during THE MY MAP TO HAPPINESS PROGRAM led me to find the confidence to live out my dream career and to find solutions to cover my financial responsibilities so I could live the life I wanted to live.  

This coaching program helped me develop my self-awareness and cultivate positive thoughts that made me realize that my needs are important and that I can set boundaries in my life to support my self-expression and embrace my career ambitions.”

A.W. Washington, DC, USA


Despite the fact I had two employment counsellors for almost 16 months, I did not know how to properly look for a job. I was kind of desperate that I could not find my dream job. Although I am well educated, I was struggling and was not aware how to open the closed door or overcome barriers. I was sending 100s of resumes, but heard nothing. I was struggling and was stressed out, I didn’t know what to do. 

Thanks God I met Priscilla!!! She took my hand and showed me the right path to walk and the right way to find my dream job. I wish I met Priscilla 3 years ago when I landed in Canada.

I received very helpful insights regarding how to position myself during THE DREAM CAREER JOB SEARCH PROGRAM. How to achieve niche skills that are important in order to hunt for jobs within the hidden job market. Also, how to use the perfect vocabulary to write my resume and cover letter. After the resume review and suggestions, I have been feeling proud to send my resume or to show it to other people. 

Since completing the program, I have been offered a position. This is a big achievement for me. Thank you PRISCILLA for your time and effort, you empowered me to enter the Canadian job market with confidence.

Soraya M., QC, Canada

Prior to attending the DREAM CAREER JOB SEARCH PROGRAM, I kept applying to jobs because I figured they were positions I should want. Nothing I was applying for sparked any kind of satisfaction or joy, but bills have to be paid…

After completing the first assignment, I finally had an idea of what I really wanted to do; Or at least a better picture of what my Dream Career would look like. That was big for me because, for the first time, I figured out what I actually wanted to do!” 

J.C., Memphis, TN, USA