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Dear Dreamer, It’s easy to lose track of our dreams and to let fear and anxiety take over when we are faced with so much uncertainty and shoved into a radical change that none of us actually chose or anticipated. I know this first hand, much like everyone else in North America and on this planet, I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions during the … Read More HOW TO NAVIGATE LIFE & THE DREAM CAREER


How to Create Meaningful Change

Imagine your life as it is right now. You live day by day, behaving as you’re expected to. But secretly, you have a desire to experience more. You collect items or pictures of things you wish to have or experience. It’s your best-kept secret. The greater part of it is kept deeply hidden in your deepest daydreams and stored neatly in your imagination. You … Read More How to Create Meaningful Change



In the last two months, my life took a turn for the better, but I still felt uneasy. Why? Cause old habits die hard. After a month of flexible plans and being open to anything new, my mind (the old me) started knocking. I allowed worry to take up some space on decisions I had previously made confidently. What if became loud. I took some … Read More WHY SAYING “I CAN’T” LIMITS YOUR OPTIONS



“If tomorrow, you could wake up and do anything you possibly wanted to do, what would it be?” When my astrologist asked me this question in 2013, I instantly replied that I’d leave Montreal, where I was living at the time. I didn’t though. “I can’t afford to leave my job. What would happen?” “Where would I go?” “Who takes this kind of uncalculated … Read More IS IT WORTH THE RISK TO LEAVE YOUR JOB?


First Steps …

This past week, I watched my niece take her first random steps. Random because she didn’t notice she was walking the short distance from the coffee table to her grandmother until we chimed in – BRAVO! Heck, I barely noticed because as a family we can see and sense that she is ready to walk on her own. Her stability when she stands, her … Read More First Steps …


A Change is Coming …

During my last month at the Ashram, I watched as 10 of the senior staff took their vows for their next level of renunciation. Nine of them became Bramacharis (official celibates) and one a Sannyasin (an official renunciate of the world/ society, a Swami). Their sudden participation in this spiritual ceremony really made me ponder change. I realized how for us, every day worldly … Read More A Change is Coming …

The Fly on my Window Pane …

I believe we have all experienced the fly who is buzzing at the window, some of us view this as a fly trying to find her way out and others will find it frustrating and quickly find the fly swatter to get rid of this insect quickly. This summer, as I watched a fly that had come into my apartment struggle to comprehend why … Read More The Fly on my Window Pane …