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Why Self-Care Deserves to be at the Top of Your To-Do List

Do you often find yourself making a decision before giving yourself the time to reflect so you can make the choice that’s right for you? Do you ever say yes to please when the real answer is no? Are you often complaining about the little annoyances that could have been avoided had you just listened to your inner voice? If you’re a yes person, … Read More Why Self-Care Deserves to be at the Top of Your To-Do List


Why life is like a labyrinth …

In life, we allow situations and instances to get in the way of our goals, dreams or hopes. We get stuck so quickly and easily. During a silent retreat, I walked through a meditation labyrinth, head down, allowing my feet and flow to guide me. I realized how, when I reached an edge – a dead end – I did not stay immobile – … Read More Why life is like a labyrinth …


First Steps …

This past week, I watched my niece take her first random steps. Random because she didn’t notice she was walking the short distance from the coffee table to her grandmother until we chimed in – BRAVO! Heck, I barely noticed because as a family we can see and sense that she is ready to walk on her own. Her stability when she stands, her … Read More First Steps …


How do you define yourself?

Thirty-five was a big year for me. It’s the year I panicked. It dawned on me. I was a year older, but felt I had nothing to show for it a.k.a. no marriage, no kids, no car and no house … oh and let’s not forget, no permanent job. I can’t recall how I managed to calm myself down and to recognize that all … Read More How do you define yourself?

Prisoners of our Thoughts

I never run out of topic ideas for my blog; however, sitting to write about them is always an issue. I thought of presenting “prisoners of our thoughts” about one month ago! My personal “block” was – what will I write about? It seems to always be the same deal with me. However, the solution is also always the same, just write about your … Read More Prisoners of our Thoughts