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Dear Dreamer, It’s easy to lose track of our dreams and to let fear and anxiety take over when we are faced with so much uncertainty and shoved into a radical change that none of us actually chose or anticipated. I know this first hand, much like everyone else in North America and on this planet, I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions during the … Read More HOW TO NAVIGATE LIFE & THE DREAM CAREER



Do I have your attention? So you’ve struggled to successfully reach last year’s resolutions, and you’re dead set on making sure that doesn’t happen again. You feel it in your gut that this year will be different. You want to make sure 2018 is the year to remember; and believe me, it can be. If you feel you’ve fallen into a routine where the … Read More WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS


That’s a Great Idea … and other ways you avoid the truth

Do you ever find yourself avoiding what it is you really want to do? Maybe you’ve always dreamt of writing a book, but you can’t imagine how that could become a reality, so you’ve settled for a corporate position where there’s no writing involved. You’re pursuing plan B (the status quo) when all your heart really wants is plan A (the dream). You walked … Read More That’s a Great Idea … and other ways you avoid the truth



In the last two months, my life took a turn for the better, but I still felt uneasy. Why? Cause old habits die hard. After a month of flexible plans and being open to anything new, my mind (the old me) started knocking. I allowed worry to take up some space on decisions I had previously made confidently. What if became loud. I took some … Read More WHY SAYING “I CAN’T” LIMITS YOUR OPTIONS


First Steps …

This past week, I watched my niece take her first random steps. Random because she didn’t notice she was walking the short distance from the coffee table to her grandmother until we chimed in – BRAVO! Heck, I barely noticed because as a family we can see and sense that she is ready to walk on her own. Her stability when she stands, her … Read More First Steps …


Surrender … Surrender & Trust … !

By trusting, you learn to trust. – Julia Cameron I’ve noticed how the moments when I get most frustrated with life, are those moments when things are not going exactly as I wish they would. It’s not even a wish, it’s really a command. I feel tightness in my solar plexus (I’ll let you google that one to figure out what that means), and … Read More Surrender … Surrender & Trust … !


“Nothing is Impossible”

Do you ever feel as though your goal, the one that’s important to you is unattainable? You see others successfully reaching their goals, but you have no idea how to make this become a reality in your life … so you stall to make anything happen.  In March 2014, I completed my Yoga TTC (Teacher Training Course). At the time, when I saw other … Read More “Nothing is Impossible”

The New Year & FEAR …

Last May, I wrote about “Giving Myself Permission” – I wanted to let go of this feeling that I SHOULD be perfect in presenting myself online. I was also being hard on myself because I felt I often didn’t have the perfect topic to discuss on my blog. I decided that it was time to write again and found myself facing the same predicament. … Read More The New Year & FEAR …

The Fly on my Window Pane …

I believe we have all experienced the fly who is buzzing at the window, some of us view this as a fly trying to find her way out and others will find it frustrating and quickly find the fly swatter to get rid of this insect quickly. This summer, as I watched a fly that had come into my apartment struggle to comprehend why … Read More The Fly on my Window Pane …