I recently finished the program “Define YOU Define YOUR Purpose” given by Priscilla (Satya) at the Sivananda Yoga Ranch in Woodbourne, NY. I decided to take the workshop because as a recently widowed woman getting closer to retirement, I felt it was time to think about what I want to do in the second stage of my life.

Priscilla had us do several activities to get us thinking and moving. The walking and dancing helped me to remember the girl inside and what SHE loved before becoming self-conscious. The writing about our goals and intentions helped me to break things down so I would know how to begin.

The group had time to discuss what we were learning and ask questions in a safe supportive atmosphere. This approach helped me to feel comfortable and not nervous to share my thoughts and feelings. All of our statements were heard and valued.

This workshop is valuable to young people trying to determine their life’s path, but also someone like me who is trying to figure out the next phase of her life. The tools Priscilla shared with the group can apply to all ages.

I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking answers to what their purpose is in life and what she really wants.

Ann Beirne, South Amboy, NJ, USA