I decided to attend this workshop because I had been standing on unsteady ground with a lot of large decisions in my life. I had been feeling depressed and confused and clouded for the last year of my life in my studies, work, and location. This workshop could not have been better timed because it offered me a fresh hope and new clear perspective on my current situation. Setting aside this time for myself under this gently and calm guidance provided me with a playful, fearless, optimistic, and confident new approach that I can progress with. I feel armed with all these tangible tools and concrete notes from the workshop that have kicked me in the right direction, towards making authentic choices for myself and my own happiness.

I love that we listened, talked, moved, danced, meditated, and shared and now all the pieces fit together to give me a toolbox of strength, I would recommend this program to anyone (any age, any stage) who needs clarity and who needs to be reminded of self-care!

Olivia M., Montreal, QC, Canada