Get the Job YOU Deserve

Success in the job search requires YOU to be on top of your game so potential employers can recognize your level of expertise and educational background.

But wait, what does “being on top of YOUR game” mean?

I’m Priscilla Jabouin, YOUR Career & Personal Development Coach and my mission is to support and guide YOU to live a life you LOVE and get the job YOU deserve!

In my 6+ years of experience working in the career and job search field, I have worked with young and seasoned professionals, students, new graduates and alumni who struggled to find a job…, until they learned and applied a simple 4 step job search process that I personalized to their unique situation and unique career goals.  

No more reluctant yes …
By applying the 4 step job search process to YOUR job search, you will:

  • Proudly share your resume with specific employers
  • Confidently respond to interview questions and highlight your potential
  • Enjoy networking and make new connections   
  • Identify how to present your skill set to be the top candidate
  • Learn how to apply the right tools and strategies to find jobs in the hidden market
  • Build a positive mindset and attitude to get the job YOU deserve

The program includes: 

  • 8 one-on-one Coaching Sessions
  • Bi-weekly or weekly meetings
  • Clarity Assignments to help you define your career path
  • Resume Review & Coaching to highlight your key skills
  • Interview Skills & Practice to confidently answer questions and be a top candidate
  • A Personalized Networking Approach
  • On-going support and guidance towards a successful job search

CONTACT ME for more information on the “Get the Job YOU Deserve” Coaching Program to discover the steps to take to find a job YOU love! Or purchase your job search program today!

“Get the Job YOU Deserve” Coaching Program