It’s Sunday night and you feel it in your gut, the Monday morning dread.
It’s been going on for a while now and weekends just never seem long enough, even when you take an additional sick day just to ride it out.

Day-in and day-out, you repeat the same routine. You feel like a robot.
You’re in a vicious cycle called life … how did this happen?

You had so many ambitions but somewhere you fell into this dull routine that feels impossible to get out of. Is it too late to change something?

Your future crosses your mind … 

Wake up, go to work, hit repeat. The same tasks daily and going home depleted and starting it all over again tomorrow, the day after that, next week, next month, next year *GASP* retirement. Nothing ever changed … you feel this job is sucking the life out of your soul.

You’re SO ready for change.

There must be more to life than waking up to go to work and passively walking through life repeating this dull routine – right?

You feel stuck. You feel an itch, an annoying one to do much more than what you’re currently doing. You don’t fit in this work environment, you feel unfulfilled but you have to work …


You feel a tug to step out of your comfort zone and explore what life might have to offer you. But it’s scary … the future is so uncertain.

If you left this job without a plan, how would you pay your bills, your loans, what if you get sick, and you don’t have insurance? What if you make the wrong decision, what if, what if, what if is just keeping you up at night. 

You shut it down, but you feel helpless, stuck, and miserable. To admit you have tears welling up in your eyes is an understatement. You feel choked up because you don’t see a way out. You don’t even know what you would do if you found the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

You’re confused and overwhelmed.
Even if you left your job, what could you possibly do next?

You wish there was a solution, someone to hold your hand and gently pull you out of your funk called life. One – step – at – a – time.


Are you disenchanted by your current career and ready for a change?
Do you want to be excited to start your day in the morning

Do you have ambitions that seem impossible to pursue?
Are you trying to face your fears so you can finally do those things you’re always dreaming of? No more maybe next year, it would be happening yesterday!

Do you wish you could do something different but the confusion around what to do next is making you worry? 


If you said yes to any of these statements, The My Map to Happiness Method™ is a 5 part self-discovery program where you will learn key concepts and get real tools to help you:

  • gain clarity to confidently answer the question, what’s next?
  • face your fears to take actions towards your ambitions
  • create the life you thought you could only dream of 

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