The Clarity Coaching Program

Are you ready for something new?
To explore something more than a “career”?
To find your purpose…what your heart truly desires?

But you feel stuck, worried and somewhat confused because you have NO IDEA where to start, and what that new “career” would be?

Taking the next step feels impossible? … This is normal!
Our society has programmed us to follow one path – the corporate career path and it has never given us the tools to explore anything else.

The Clarity Coaching Program will help you get clear about what YOU want vs. what society thinks is best for you. It’s a 30 days introductory program to help you gain more clarity around “What’s Next” in your life or “career” path.

In this 3 part coaching program, you will:

  • Develop more self-awareness to get clear about what you really want in your career
  • Start to identify your limiting beliefs and learn how to successfully cultivate positive thinking so you can pursue your dream “career” and a life you love
  • Understand why self-care is important in your daily life and routine to help you discover your purpose and start to embrace what your heart truly desires.


I took Priscilla’s program at a time when I needed clarity to make an important life decision. The program allowed me to see that I often neglect my own needs, and taught me how to put myself first. It led to me becoming more clear about my future decisions.

Uma Prince, London, U.K.

Clear YOUR mind today!



I wanted to know more about myself and to learn how to listen again to my inner voice. Priscilla helped me find the little girl in me again and to be ready to listen to her. I would recommend this program to everybody who needs guidance in their life and who is a little lost in what their values are.

K.P., Quebec, Canada

This Coaching Program is for you if:

  • You want to make a meaningful career change but have no idea what to do next
  • You feel there’s something missing in your life but you can’t quite figure it out
  • You’re often changing jobs looking for greater career satisfaction with no luck
  • You’re ready for a positive career change, but you want more clarity before you make a move

What’s included in the Clarity Coaching Program:

This program includes 3 online workshop sessions & 4 individual coaching sessions.

Session 1
The “getting to know you” session where I will ask you specific questions to help you get clear about what your heart truly desires. We will end the session with your first assignment from The Clarity Workbook. Video 1 is a prerequisite to the first session. 

Session 2
Digging deep. We will explore your limiting beliefs (a.k.a. negative thoughts) and how to successfully cultivate positive thoughts to help you embrace what your heart truly desires. Video 2 is a prerequisite to the second session.

Session 3
Cultivate self-love. Learning to set boundaries so you can embrace the choices your heart truly desires requires a commitment to self and an awareness of what makes you feel good. This session will focus on fun, and how it shows up in your life. Video 3 is a prerequisite to the third session.

Session 4
Next steps. This session will focus on defining what your heart truly desires and setting an intention.  Key assignments will be covered to support you in the pursuit of your self-discovery journey.

I’m Priscilla, YOUR Career & Personal Development Coach and I’m here to help you get clear about what you really want to do. With a little push, gentle bluntness and an extra nudge, I will guide you through a series of questions and activities to help you hear what your heart truly desires amidst the noise and confusion that often comes from what everyone around you thinks is best for you.

My clients have:  Priscilla Jabouin - Career & Personal Development Coach

  • Gained the clarity to define what they wanted to do
  • Found the confidence to pursue the decision they felt was the right one for them
  • Became motivated to pursue and reach their goals
  • Developed the skills to be who they are and express their true self without hesitation
  • Embraced their desire to travel
  • Changed their lives with a simple action
  • Expressed their full potential
  • And, at times even quit their jobs, with no regrets 🙂


I was looking for something that would help me figure out and move forward with the next phase of my professional life. Priscilla was invaluable. The sessions were not only a pleasurable experience but also provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify what I truly wanted and the changes I needed to make. The advice and experiences shared with me have given me all the confidence that I need as I continue on in my journey and transition into my new career.

Priscilla is the gateway to self-discovery … The real deal!   

Marsha C., Montreal, QC, Canada