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Define YOU
Define YOUR Purpose

The 5 Part Self-Discovery Program


Do you want to bring more meaning to your life?

Are you dying to face your fears?

Do you wish you could express your creativity?

Embark on this 5 part self-exploration journey to discover:

  • The 5 things that will bring more happiness to your life
  • The 7 life dimensions to explore when you want to make changes
  • The 12 Elements that are at the foundation of meaningful change

And, learn real tools and strategies to:

  • Gain clarity on your purpose
  • Face the fears that are keeping you from taking action
  • Make meaningful changes to live a life YOU love

The Define YOU Define YOUR Purpose program is for you if you want to:

  • get clear about your goals
  • stop being afraid to pursue your ambitions
  • make the right choices in your life
  • face your fears
  • discover your purpose
  • share your potential
  • create real, positive and meaningful changes in your life

The program includes the 5 part workshop and 5 individual coaching sessions. 


5 one-on-one coaching sessions individually tailored for YOU based on your current situation and personal goal. Depending on this goal, the sessions will support you to implement the strategies and tools presented in the workshop. This will ensure you successfully dive into your process and make positive changes in your life, so you can define your purpose and start to express your potential.


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